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Friday, March 1, 2013

survived another week

happy Friday everyone. I hope all is well with you so far.
we have officially made it through another week. thank god right?
for some reason, I feel like this week was a close one...
not really at all, I am just feeling super dramatic, for, this week was BORING.
in any case, I do have a couple of nice things to share with you:

1. Chris from Chubbette Tales [life after spanx] is damn amazing. downright amazing.
I almost died when I received a package in the mail from her [blog crush at its finest].
died I tell you. completely died from shock and joy. best feeling ever I promise. best. feeling. ever.
so I open my mail [actually Breanna checked my mail because I am lazy - shout out bitchhh]
and I am like, wtf is that package in there? did I order something and forget again... nope.
I saw the return address label and was so surprised and happy! I initially thought to myself,
"self, this is probably a super nice St. Pattys Day card!" you know, because Chris is that type of girl.
however, upon opening the package I realized that it was so much better than I had anticipated.
dude! I have been wanting this golden sleeve of joy since well before Christmas [2012].
but alas Aaron would not allow the spending of money on such foolishness. too bad for him.
best gift ever my friends! and to both of our shock [Chris & I] she kept it a complete surprise.
bahhhItotallyloveherforeverandevernowforreal. this is a legit and official blog best friend.

2. official travel plans and other activities have been purchased and planned for the year 2013.
I am extremely excited for everything that we will be doing. also, who we will be doing it with.

  *possible girl trip [Aaron cannot commit to being IN or being OUT] for Breanna's birthday.
  *a 5-6 trip to Washington D.C. I can't even tell you how excited I am about this one. I am OBSESSED with Abraham Lincoln you guys. sighhh I just want all of this to happen right now!

  *Taylor Swift concert, at Ford Field, in good old Detroit, with my best friend ever in life [Bre that is you]. I don't know if you guys know this, but I am also completely obsessed with Tay Tay Swift. there really ain't no break up like a Tay Tay break up!

  *Daniel Tosh stand up with my lover [Aaron that would be you, in case you forgot]. we went last year in Cleveland and he was as good as expected. I think I have a skinnymanmightbegay crush on Daniel.. don't judge me.
  *Up North, of course, to protect Kalie from the horrors of the 4th of July. anybody else's dog insane when it comes to loud noises? mine takes Xanax... this is, sadly, not even a little bit of a joke.

  *4 day trip to Grand Rapids, with Aaron and my mom. boy oh boy do I LOVE Grand Rapids. they recycle everthing there.. it's like Michigan's own little California. pretty sure we are meant to be together. Grand Rapids and I, that is.
  *Grand Rapids Color Run with my mom [& maybe Breanna] this will be my second Color Run. it's just too fun!
  *at least a week long trip down South. I absolutely LOVED Charleston and Savannah in December. I can't wait to experience the summer there with my favorite person ever [Aaron you are up again].
that is as far as we have gotten as of this moment.. but I would say the schedule is pretty full.
I actually do plan on taking a trip to Illinois to meet some of my blogging heros,
Taylor and Chris I am coming for you this summer ladies! I think I need to hit Ohio too.
Kayla, you and I have been online dating for too long. time to make this shit official.

and finally...
3. have I ever mentioned what a great friend Breanna is? well she is. absolutely great.
yesterday we went for a 6 mile run [she hates running] and we also hit up the mall.
back in the day, when I had a great paying job, I would buy Bre stuff that I knew she really wanted.
she used to have an issue to committing when it came to spending money. not I. I love to spend.
so if I knew she loved it, I would buy it for her.  but now, the tables have turned! now I am the needy friend.
yesterday she bought me the absolute cutest sunglasses, and also some bronzing lotion from VS.
a few weeks ago she bought me a few clothes from Old Navy that I couldn't stand to buy myself.
she is amazing. she is a wonderfully great person and friend. I am super lucky to have her in my life.

have an amazing weekend and be sure to verbally appreciate those that are important in your life.
it could make all the difference in their day, week, or even life. don't ever keep your love quiet! 
and also spend a ton of money and do a lot of traveling. it makes life way more fun & it is only money after all.

XXO Amanda

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  1. Hahahaha lets make this official biaaa ;) I love it!! LETS DO THIS!!

  2. I'm super jealous of your blog crush and your awesome mail! ;P

    Also, wanted to quick say... when I was reading about your July plans, and it said that you were going to protect Kalie, I got all dumb and wondered why Person Kalie would need protecting. *headdesk* I'm such a dope! Thank goodness it's Friday.. ha!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


  3. I love Chris, she's amazing! I'm so bummed... I had planned to do the color run this year, but my first lead wedding is the weekend after, so I need to be home so I can work on any last minute things. = ( Hoping I can do it sometime!

  4. You're so sweet to write about me! Boy are you going to be shocked when you meet a 13 year old boy! Catfish! Wait... I better stop writing that. People could be monitoring the internet and looking or creepsters and then they'd think either you or I or both of us were total creeps.