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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a mixture of greatness

like cheese and wine...
popcorn and butter...
starbucks and me [duh]

today, since I am behind, I decided to combine two posts. actually,
now that I think about it... I'm really not combining them at all.
I am just writing two posts separately and then posting them as one.
why would I do such a thing? because it is not Tuesday, of course.

let me begin with a link-up that is close to my negative heart!

So What Wednesday

so what if...

  • I am a little behind in everything blog related. I will get back on schedule once the rest of my schedule falls into place. sometimes my "real life" health has to become top priority [and i don't even mean watching the biggest loser!]
  • I want fake boobs real real bad. I only have my own real ones to judge off of here people. they are enormous and they don't ever do what I tell them to.
  • I just shared that with you!
  • I fed the dog muffin mixed into her dog food this morning. everybody deserves a treat every once in awhile.
  • I'm doing a blog swap with Miss Kayla next week and I'm stoked about it. 
  • I called her "miss" because I feel like she's a little kid because I am so old... and she looks so fresh and new. She's not married yet either and Insanity might not let her make it to the wedding.. we'll see :)
  • I am about to jump back in time to do a ticked off Tuesday post! BAM

did that music help you get back in time?
you bet your sweet ass it did.

alas, it is time for another...


this week I am ticked off about...

  • architecture. I am quite sure I chose the worst field ever! I can't even find a crappy entry level intern position. how sad is that? oy.
  • the weather. I want to believe that its not punishing me for being a lazy B when it was super nice out... but I just can't. last week it was 50 degrees TWICE! did I go for a run, a walk, anything special outdoors? I cracked my sunroof... and now it is in the 20s.
  • the Target clearance rack. why is everything I find and love on the 50% off rack from the dang 15-30% off rack!? AHHHHHHH
  • bitches. girls trying to start shit. le sigh. just letting you know, I'm really old. please leave me alone.

XXO Amanda


  1. hahhaha you called me miss. You crack me up. I look "fresh and new" ?!?! LOL... loved this! & omg... pitbull!

  2. I hate when full price stuff is on the clearance racks ... I get my hopes up and then look at the tag and sigh ... too good to be true!!


  3. ah hahaah. I am 35, which is fucking ancient in the blogosphere.

    And I hate Tuesdays. So I like this Ticked Off Tuesday business.