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Thursday, January 24, 2013

yeahhh's friday!

I really need/want/am dying for some sponsors and guest posters! 
Please contact me if you are interested. []

how embarrassing was that title?

it's friday! and I am taking a three day weekend to go up north.
you know, in Michigan that is what "we" do. vacation = going up north
hopefully the time up there is actually relaxing...
Aaron and I are taking Riley [pictured above] so you can never be sure!

Ashley from The Sweet Season is also from Michigan and knows all about Up North
because of this, I have decided that The Friday's Letters link-up is the best way to go today.

dear three day weekend, I am looking forward to getting away and getting out of the house.  dear Aaron, sometimes you act a little crazy... I still love you though!  dear taxes and fafsa, I hate filling all of your documents out.  I wish I could just have all of the money without all of the effort.  dear new computer, I love you.  you're amazing!  dear Michigan weather, knock it off already.  single digits ain't okay with me.  dear Kalie, I can't believe how much you sleep.  You're in bed all the time... it's crazy.  dear camera, I should use you more.  I miss you actually.  dear Kayla, thanks for doing the blog swap with me.  it was great :)  dear readers, I love you guys.  thanks for coming day after day.

I was going to post more about our New York City trip today but I have decided against it.
you can expect a detailed NYC post next week [probably on Wednesday] be prepared for a long read.
I also wanted to do a health and fitness post.. but I wasn't sure if anybody cared to read it...
if you have any thoughts or opinions on that, please let me know.

have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday

XXO Amanda


  1. have a good three day weekend girl!! and your post title is what made me stop to read!! ;)
    join us here--->We Are The Tabbs 

  2. UM. best post title ever.

    ;) you rock my socks.

  3. Hooray for a three-day weekend! I wish I got another one again soon!

    Also, I crack myself up, because I know you mean Kalie the dog, but in my head, I wanted to believe you were calling out human Kalie for sleeping all the time.. and it made me smile and chuckle to myself. So, thanks for that, haha!

    I've been thinking about going back to school lately, and I can't imagine what kind of a headache figuring out my own FAFSA will be. I always had my mom take care of it for me - ha!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Hi Amanda! Hopped over from the Letters linkie and am your newest follower! First, I'm obsessed with your pittie. She is a DOLL. And secondly, enjoy your long weekend! Hope you'll stop by to follow back!

  5. Have a fab 3 day weekend - I'm totally jealous.

    Have a great weekend!
    World According to Shia