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Monday, January 7, 2013

east coast travel [part 1]

long time no blog everybody! I will be quite honest with you,
I am not 100% sure how many parts this post will be broken in to.
we have done a lot in the last four weeks, and most of it has been travel.

for my first post back I am going to cover our first trip.
why did we take a trip? no real reason at all.
Aaron had a ton of vacation time to use before the end of the year,
and we thought, what the hell! why not?
so we set out on the road. we made stops in Atlanta, Savannah, and Charleston.
if you follow me on Instragram (@thisismyrealhair) then I feel bad for you,
because you have seen all of these photos already, probably more than once!
however, I know that many of you don't. so I will repeat post them.
also.. I was pretty lazy on these trips and didn't use a real camera at all.
 our stop in Atlanta ended up being pretty lame.
it was freezing cold and it was raining.
though this was definitely my favorite hotel.
we made our stay there very brief, but made sure to hit a Starbucks!
personally, I fell in love with Savannah.
it was beautiful there, the people were friendly, and the food..
oh wow, it was so amazing. that steak! yummmmm
we were here for like a day and a half. it was a really nice time. 
but Aaron kept telling me Charleston would be better.
 maybe I lied.. maybe this was my favorite hotel.
I have never really stayed in a small business hotel like this before.
I've only been to chain hotels, like the Hyatt.
it was amazing. so nice and so big.
I must have a king size bed now.
the weather in Charleston was amazing, the food was so good.
the only thing that was annoying was that it was the day before Christmas.
the tourists and people shopping were totally out of control.
I am not one for crowds at all, so I definitely could have done without that.

the middle picture above is a sign that was in the restroom.
it was really chilly one morning in Charleston so Aaron and I went to the bar.
obviously, drinking = gotta pee. as I sat there, 
I read this sign that told me to sell my eggs.. totally strange.

we had a great road trip and time.
I can't wait to do it again.
next time though, we need to head West!

see you guys tomorrow for Ticked Off Tuesday!!
please feel free to take the image from previous posts and do one too.
I would LOVE to read what you guys have been ticked off about lately!

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  1. I've always wanted to take a spontaneous road trip.
    That steak looks SO good!
    The egg donor sign. Creepy lol