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Monday, January 21, 2013

lazy bones

time for a little weekend review,
it shouldn't be too hard on you guys...
I did almost completely nothing!
it really isn't too often that I get to say that,
so I am fully appreciating it.

I feel like the blogger in me has been on vacation.
typically I would have made little mental post-it notes:
oh remember this! this will be great for the blog!
but lately not so much. not even pictures.. 
my phone is completely dog focused.

Friday was pretty crazy, not busy mind you, just..ya know, different.
I finished my first Accounting assignment for my online class.
it only took two trips to the library and three days to complete.
then, by the way, on Sunday, I was informed my very first answer was wrong.
oops. I never said I was a pro at using a calculator.
I also had a really nice dinner with Aaron's Step Mom.
you might be asking yourself, 
was this the dinner with the virgin drink and the pregnancy question? 
and the answer, my friend, is yes. yes this was, in fact, that particular dinner.
I have decided to try giving up alcohol, but more on that later.
the food was tasty.. though, you wouldn't know it from that photo.

Saturday... man totally insane. I am a liar. complete and total liar.
we did nothing. sat/laid on the couch the entire day. it was magical.
around 8PM we actually did put some clothes on, and go to dinner.
another unhealthy meal.. as I write this post I am reevaluating my choices.
which reminds me of something totally awesome that you should all know!
I found something really interesting fucking cool on twitter: @dietbet
I am so interested in doing this, I have no job... I have to get Aaron on board.
perhaps this can be my new source of income. more on this later too!

Sunday, yesterday? hell if I know. everything is sorta blurring together.
oh yeah! I went and looked at computers at the Apple Store.
I need a new laptop for blogging school. currently, I think I like the Air.
does anybody have one? am I going to break it? any other recommendations?

I have a really busy day today.
I am making a button for Ticked Off Tuesday
that means PLEASE come grab it and participate tomorrow, okay?! 
I will also be writing my guest post for Kayla, we are blog swapping Wednesday.
I'll see you guys back here tomorrow for Ticked Off Tuesday.
I can't wait to read what you guys post about.

XXO amanda

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  1. I love a weekend of nothing! Love love love.

    I found you through the weekend linkup.