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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

is it tuesday again?

oh yes, it is time.

here is a list of what is rubbing me the wrong way this week:
  • why is my coffee never the right drinking temperature?  i feel like Goldie Locks, but i still haven't found the coffee that is "just right".  my cup always starts out way too hot, then i wait and wait then go to drink it, and of course it is too cold! #firstworldproblems
  • honestly, how long does it take to see some progression in a work out??  i just want to be able to actually jog for a mile.  the large people on the biggest loser just ran a 5k last night. most of them ran the entire thing!  i can currently only do just over .25/mile, how sad.
  • wtf cancer.  lets be real: there are so many horrible people in the world.  why can't we save the incurable killers like cancer and brain aneurisms for these people?  it's just not fair. 
  • isn't it customary to ease into a new semester of classes? why do i have a shit ton to do already? i feel strongly that teachers should give me a break stop assigning work before this class even starts! and why in the world do i have to read From Socrates to Sartre, Part One: Plato, AND Vitruvius, Ten Books of Architecture, Book 1 in one week?! this woman is absolutely insane. 
and lastly,
  • i am so tired of losing followers!  i realize that i only have myself to blame and that i have got to get more dedicated to you. i am honestly not even sure if anyone is reading this... my pageviews are down, i have been getting like no comments at all.  sorry i sucked, but i am back!
perhaps i am wrong and you are reading this.  maybe you even participated in Ticked off Tuesday!
if you did let me know in the comments so we can all see what you are ticked off about this week.

and don't forget, tomorrow i am swapping blogs with the beautiful and goofy Kayla. see ya then!


XXO Amanda


  1. I also have this coffee issue. It's either way too hot or gross and cold. I usually drink it cold anyway because I'm too lazy to get up and reheat it...

    I think the Biggest Loser people work out so well because they have awesome trainers. I have zero motivation to exercise although I know I need to. BUT if I had Jillian Michaels there everyday yelling at me that I'm a quitter I'm sure I would do much better!


  2. I am currently really pissed off at cancer, too. Seriously. Boo.

    Just keep working at the jogging thing - it will come! Maybe work on your breathing technique? My former student worker who was a nutrition/exercise science major says there is a better way to breathe when jogging/running. who knows - she's probably right!


  3. That is why I hardly ever drink coffee, always burns my freaking tongue! Can't stand it. Can't wait to blog-swap tomorrow, dear!

  4. Sorry you lost so followers - dont worry you dont suck I think you are fab!

    World According to Shia

  5. You gotta pay attention to how long your coffee takes to cool in your mug. I wait about 25 minutes for my hot chocolate to cool every morning while I eat my breakfast at work. Alright that makes me sound really lame, but my job is boring so I have to entertain myself somehow. P.S. your blog is hilarious, minus the cancer, I'm ticked off about that too.