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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

does it look yellow in here today?

guys! i made friend with a little kid and now i want you to be friends too!
she's 5 years younger than me, you know the saying laugh to keep from crying?
yep that's why i have to poke jokes at this unfortunate for me situation.
the fun thing about this swap though is that we are pretty different.
don't panic though, i am extremely judgmental. like, its a problem.
but if i like her (and i totally do) then you will definitely like her!

Hey all you This IS My Real Hair readers, I'm Kayla and I blog over at My Kind of Yellow
Over there you will find me mostly rambling talking about my upcoming (and quickly approaching) wedding, date night ideas, and just the randomness that life brings to this yellow-obsessed 21 year old.

If that super generic paragraph above didn't entice you enough to stop on by, here is a little bit about me:

My names Kayla and I am addicted to food, mountain dew, and pinterest. (& we all say "hiiii kaylaaa").
See what I did there?? A picture of me in an make me feel better about the fact that I am totally not prepared to be a wife and cook for someone every night of my life. Don't get me wrong, its only the cooking part I'm not ready for. Trust me, I can't wait to be permanent sleepover pals with my man, Caleb.

Speaking of that super hunk...
Aint he a cuuutiee? I know, I'm lucky. That's besides the point.
The boy loves to fish, and he currently holds the record in his family for biggest fish caught to date.
He likes to bring that up every now and then and rub it in his brother's faces.

We also like to dance whenever the opportunity presents itself;
That boy matched me without even seeing my dress before. Impressive, eh?

I started my blog so when I'm old and senile, I can look back at all the fun I had being a young lady. 
I'm sure when I'm 87 I will still be a crazy old dancing fool, embarrassing my grand-babies and still wearing way too much yellow (is there such a thing?? Didn't think so!).

My fiance and I, and my soon to be BIL & SIL like our hometown NFL football team a little too much ;) We may or may not travel to away games and take ridiculous pictures too often, only to be yelled at by the opposite team. Oops!

My life currently consists of working for an independent financial advisory firm, planning our wedding, taking way too many pictures, Insanity: Operation Beach Body, while resisting greasy food (trying to make a lifestyle change here, people) and preparing for life on my own.

Amanda and I started emailing months ago, a couple of months after I started this little blog of mine. Of course, like you, I followed her because of her charm and good looks. Isn't that what everyone does? ;) 
Hehe, but in all seriousness, her and I have gotten to know each other over our ridiculous email exchanges... 
and we once even did an entire post on the ridiculousness of fake eyelashes. HA!

If that wasn't random enough, I'd love for you to swing by and say hi, and see what other random things I have up my sleeve. ;)

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see. you liked her didn't you? 
now go follow her!
and read my post while you are there!

XXO Amanda


  1. Kayla really is fantastic!!! (I didn't know she was a Mt. Dew lover...just another reason to love her)

    So glad you two swapped so I could check out your blog, Amanda!

  2. love Kayla, she is awesome and loved this guest post!