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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I might have titled this post whore's-day just to get your attention...
in fact, that is exactly what I did. sue me. just kidding, don't. I'm poor.

is it wrong to do link-ups? I sorta think of it like online dating.
I just want to meet as many awesome like minded bloggers as possible!
also, if I do a link-up post and a "real" post, there is no harm done, right?

Its Ok Thursdays
I think there is a lot that is ok with me this week!
"It's Ok"...
  • that I love reality tv. I should probably just stop watching all of the time!
  • that I am jealous of Michelle Obama's bangs.  there is nobody I'd rather be jealous of... right? those arms, those bangs. dang girlllll
  • to sometimes not know what to say. just being there for a friend is enough.
  • to hate Lance Armstrong for stealing blood from needy people.
  • that I am also 100% sick of hearing about Lance Armstrong!
  • to workout 5 days a week some weeks, and a little less other weeks.
that list could go on and on, but I am going to switch gears.

I have been wanting to post a recap of my trip to NYC for awhile now.
it just takes so long to get all of the photos in order and to figure out what to say.
Aaron, Breanna, and I went to NYC for New Years this year.
we were there from the 30th to the 1st.
sure it was a short trip, but it was amazing, and of course expensive!
I was really glad that Breanna could go with us and experience the city.
she had never been before and new years was a really great time to be there.

for the most part, I am going to let the tons of photos do the talking,
I just don't want anyone to say that I never warned you...
what you are about to see may be disturbing to some viewers.
there will be fatties, crazy eyes, and potentially worse.  this is not a post for children.
as I mentioned, there are some terrifying photos. mainly of my face, and some of Breanna's.
which.. I am sure she is going to completely appreciate me publishing to the internet.
during this trip I realized a lot about myself. one, I have a lot of face weight to lose.
two, I have a crooked jaw, and three, my pupils are not the same size.
you probably aren't supposed to share these things with the world..
but I consider you like family, so I can only imagine that you probably already knew.
let's press on shall we?
it is extremely difficult to get a picture of all three people that close up on an iPhone.
however, we do what we can and this is what you get... amazing isn't it? it's almost like you are there.
did you know that in New Jersey you aren't allowed to pump your own gas?
that was pretty awesome because it was FREEZING out!!
we had a really nice time wandering around the city just seeing the sights and showing Breanna around.
we had dinner reservations for New Years Eve, but we were a little early, so we had champagne on the roof looking at the Statue of Liberty.
we ended up watching the ball drop from Central Park with a massive crowd of people.
it was a great location because we could also see the fireworks that they set off.
it was an amazing night.

we did other great expensive stuff too which I plan to tell you about tomorrow because this post has gotten excessive! have an amazing Thursday everybody!!

XXO Amanda


  1. Ahhh I love reality television has ruined all other types of tv for me! Good thing there's enough out there to get my fix!!

    Also, how loserish is it that I grew up in upstate NY and aside for one little trip to Brooklyn to watch the Mets play from the nosebleed section, I've never been to the city. I have regrets.

    New follower, would love for you to swing by and follow back if you like, love making new pals on here!

  2. I would love to have someone pump my gas here! It is so cold out! Usually I just don't put gas in the tank and then when my husband wants to drive my car Sunday morning to run to grab us coffees and a paper I mention that the car is almost out of gas...sneaky sneaky =)

  3. Hey! I am stopping by from the blog hop today! Great blog, I too am so sick of hearing about Lance Armstrong lol! BTW I am your newest follower, if you get a chance feel free to stop by and check out my blog!

    Southern Beauty Guide

  4. I totally clicked on this post because I was enticed by the title. I didn't mind the ruse.

    FLOTUS is awesome. I look like a total asshole with bangs but she looks fabulous.

    One of my BFFs lives in Manhattan, I always enjoy a nice visit.

  5. What a cool introduction to the city. It would be awesome to be there for New Years! I'm jealous, but I still want to hear more so I can pretend like I was there too. But not in a creeper kind of way. Well, maybe a little bit.

  6. I love reality tv! I found you on It's ok Thursday and am your newest follower. I was hopin' that you'd hop on by my blog, stay a while, and follow back if you like it!!

    Have a lovely day,

  7. i love reality tv too!! so glad i found you through its ok :) xo