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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BAM I'm back for more...

 it might be soon to you, but I have been holding this rage in for weeks!
building a carefully crafted list of things that really just.. "get my goat"
and my dream for this post, is that a lot of the things piss you off too.
that us share in the joy of anger, shall we?

  • grocery shopping. does this even need an explanation? you go work your butt off for like two hours, surrounded by annoying children and angry people doing the same thing.  you stand in line for 30 minutes to give ALL of your money away. you spend another 10-15 minutes cramming  all those carefully cart placed items into your car [where they never stay in the same place].  then just when you think it is over, you get home and there is nobody around to help you carry all the nonsense in and put it away! hours and hours of work only to find your forget five things and you still have no food.
  • dishes & laundry. you think you've finally cleaned every single item in the house BAM 100 more just show up. it is a never ending, always losing, battle for your sanity.
  • the gym. there are only skinny bitches at the gym! stop torturing me, I am working on it! I do not need to see your bones while I am sweating my ass off on crunch number 35.  or how about the super skinny girl/guy on the treadmill running like a 9.0? god. please go home! or at least run outdoors because I know you can you do it dude!
  • heartburn. the kind of heartburn where you are screwed no matter what you do. oops I threw up in my mouth a little because I was laying down, sitting, standing, walking, doing nothing! I took 2 Prevacid, 5 Tums, and 4tsp. of Gaviscon. yep still have it. heartburn from hell. [sorry... that was probably too much information. love you anyway]

I hope you can all relate.
what else can we be ticked off about today?
have an amazing Tuesday, and come back tomorrow!
I will be recapping my 26 in 26 goals and achievements.
if you have a list like this I would love to see it, just let me know.

XXO Amanda

1 comment:

  1. I hate when men run without a shirt or when girls run in just a sports bra... F you and your in shape ass. For the love of all things good, at least put a damn tank top on.

    People who don't hold the door open for you when clearly you have a shit ton of stuff you're carrying. F'ing rude. And what's worse, when you hold the door open and people don't say thank you. Seriously? So you know what I do when I hold the door open for someone and they don't say thank you? I yell "you're welcome!" at them. Then they turn around like I'm a crazy person and I really don't care. Because at least I'm a crazy person with manners.

    My list can go on... but I'll spare you my crazy!