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Sunday, January 27, 2013

shot gun shells & a 22

this weekend has been pretty crazy and it's not over yet.
the trip up here was not all that I hoped it would be.
Aaron actually left work early so we were excited thinking we'd make great time.
however, a typical 4.5 hour trip took well over 6.5 hours.
the roads were extremely icy, snow was failing, and traffic was heavy.
once we finally got further north the snow had stopped and the pace picked up.
Saturday morning we got up sorta early.  we had to go to town for breakfast and groceries.
it takes about 45 minutes to get to anywhere from where my grandparent's house is located.
so what are you going to do on a long car ride? take ridiculous pictures of course.

I am not easily deterred.  even when people are yelling at me to stop taking pictures
there is noway I'm stopping. if I didn't you would have nothing to look at.
you are most welcome.
grocery shopping was terrible as always.
and people were definitely getting annoyed with me...
but I still didn't stop.
we played board games and we shot guns
overall, I would say that this was a successful weekend.

is that not the most terrifying photo of me ever?
it totally is and I love it [thank you picmonkey]

see ya'll later for Ticked Off Tuesday.
look for a button and a link-up this week.

XXO Amanda


  1. OMG that picture with your eyes -- dang giiiirl lookin hot!

    Looks like a fun weekend ;)

  2. Werewolf eyes! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Good weekend. Games, gun, fun, annoying others.