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Friday, July 6, 2012

What Not to Wear!

on Wednesday Breanna and I decided that it was finally time!
time for us to declutter her wardrobe!
if you know me at all, you will understand that I had to turn this situation into an absolute ordeal.
this was in fact a HUGE deal.
for a long time now I have been begging her
"Please. Please. For the love of God. Stop buying jeans from the Juniors section!"
needless to say, I was dying with excitement when she said,
"Why don't you come over and help me go through all of my clothes."
 "Thanks for asking, how's Wednesday?"

I doubt that any of us...
and I'm talking about myself
are as confident as Bre is.
there is honestly noway that you would be posting pictures of me online...
I mean hellooo
if I decided to get rid of the stuff
clearly I don't think it's flattering, right?
she's an amazing person.
so be jealous.
and just enjoy her humor.

there were a lot of clothes.
this event actual consisted of two giant piles!!
lets all remember that this was the morning after...
after Aaron may or may not have had to be picked up from his man date
and carried into the house by two small women...
yeah so don't judge her hair or my photo taken abilities!
it was a rough effing night!

I digress.
there were a lot of funny items.
this girl has a habit of buying before trying.
let this be a lesson to all of you.
she looks pissed at me in that third one.
probs because I said something about her owning a crop top...
love ya bitch :)
tiny jacket anyone? lol

overall I had an amazing time.
Breanna ended up getting rid of three entire garbage bags of clothing.
although... I do think she may have been traumatized by the entire situation.
the reason I think the show "What Not to Wear" works is
  1. The secret footage tears you way down. Thus, making you open to change.
  2. They give you a shit ton of money to buy way nice stuff that makes your body look good regardless of what it really looks like.
  3. They make your shit all over so that you really do look amazing afterwards.
Our version was just me throwing her shit away...
and laughing...
I think I might be an a-hole...


  1. hahaha, love the pictures! I did this with my dad's closet a couple of years ago and my mom was so mad. "those clothes (from 1993) are fine, they'll come back into style!". no mom. just no.

  2. I think at some point we all probably need to do this. I often times find myself wearing things that I know are horrible just because I don't want to buy new stuff for work. just come toss my stuff in the trash and make my life easier. great! thanks!