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Friday, July 20, 2012


this week has been excessive...
typically I (we) spend most of our time at home.
which I greatly enjoy!
this week though. it has been different.
we have barely spent any time at home at the dog is pissed about it...

if only she understood that I am not jazzed up about it either!
honestly, it's been nice getting out and seeing people,
the only downside is that I am so so so tired.

Monday and Tuesday we spent a lot of time at Aaron's dad's house.
it was nice. I really enjoy talking to them and I always feel so welcome.
Wednesday I was so ready for bed at like 10am..
then Aaron reminded me that we had plans to meet up with some friends,
after the trainer. gross. talk about rushing around.
we went to some brewery called Dragonmead.

< I had a beer!

so yep. I saw my trainer, then left early to go to a bar...
clearly I am taking this seriously. don't worry. it gets even better!
also on Wednesday I found some kind of motivation in my life..
I was like eff it. I hate my job. I don't like the area we live in at all..
we should move! then I realized that I would need a job for that..
I also realized that I have no documents (portfolio or resume) to support how amazing I am.
in order to fix that problem I went straight to Amazon! I ordered four books.

yesterday (Thursday) we went to a baby shower.
it was a really good time.
I met some people who I think Aaron and I could definitely be friends with.
and today (Friday) I took a rather long lunch so Craig and I could some bbq...
shameful right?
nah, its effing delicious!

so now I probably won't eat for the rest of the weekend because I feel like a fatty.
actually tomorrow I have a cardio test at the gym scheduled.
I go.
I run.
they give me a 12 week program which should help me.
so wish me luck!!

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  1. seriously, i hate the feeling you get when you consumed a little too much too. Who doesn't??