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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


happy Wednesday everybody! 

we've made it half way through another week.

so. close.

yesterday was a nice relaxing night...
after a not so enjoyable work day.
Aaron and I both got reprimanded.
each for different things of course.
still, neither of us was in the mood for much.
Kalie wasn't really in the mood either...

she is soooooo spoiled cute!!!

my trainer is forcing me to keep a food diary.
which of course I have to submit to her each week.
she scares the crap out of me! so I've been watching what I eat.
well... for the most part lol
a Slurpee or Doritos here and there never killed anyone!
last night I made green beans and a stuffed pork chop for me,
macaroni and cheese for Aaron.
typically I buy him organic or all natural mac and cheese because the list of ingredients in Kraft grosses me out!
but last time at the grocery store he was all, "Can I please just have the cheap stuff??"
how can you say no to that?

my pork chop ended up being kinda... eh
so I had fruit loops and green beans?
extremely random.

as is the majority of this post....
I feel terrible for all of you reading this.
before I wrap it up,
you might find it funny to know that when I got to work today...
the building was testing the fire alarms!
ugh. so. annoying.
I have two of those flashing noise making little bitches right by my cube.


here's to a better day!!

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