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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


yep. I titled Wednesdays post 'Sunday'
this my blog!! <so defensive 
I may be slightly ashamed of myself...
let's just move on, shall we.

keep judgin'
haters be hatin
is 60 photos too many for one blog post? 
yeah. yeah.

Sunday Aaron and I spent the entire day with my family.
we went to the driving range, and also celebrated my little sisters 6th birthday.

it was our first time at the driving range so we went cheap.
like ridiculously cheap. 
the indoor dome we choose did not have air conditioning... 
it was 98 degrees outside so I'm guessing it was like 110 inside that thing.
we were all instantly sweaty. take a look for yourself

^this is Riley before we got into the dome^
so happy, cheery... and dry!

not so much there 
seriously... that shit is hilarious

despite the heat, we had a nice time.
I really look forward to doing it again
somewhere more upscale

^as you can see in all of these photos^
my form is spot on
and this shirt is beyond flattering...
don't worry. I burned it.

this is where I wiped my face on Aaron's shirt... 
I am an amazing girlfriend...
don't ever let me go.

my dad, me, Riley
another breathtaking family shot.. 

after the driving range we went back to my dad's place for the birthday party.
it was a nice time.

 birthday tickling

(the small one)

 Aaron getting shot with an arrow as punishment for the birthday tickles!!

  I really enjoy a kid that get's excited over every. single. present.

 Awww brother :)

I don't know if you guys know this about me... 
I am crazy
crazy about the environment that is!!

I love sustainability and recycling.
as such, all of Catherine's gift wrapping was recycled bags and news paper.
I think it looks pretty cute for a 6 year old's birthday :)

again, I apologize for this being so insanely late.
tomorrow is 'it's okay Thursday!'
and you can bet your sweet ass that posting late will be on there :)

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