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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sometimes & Always #3 bitchesssssss

that's right. I'm excited!
it might be because I went to bed at 8:30 last night:

2 things
1) don't judge me, I have a white dog. I swear these pants are clean. is it totally obvious that I am judging myself for posting this photo of my hairy pants?
2) don't hate because it's still light outside.. sunny even. there's no shame in my game. I was totally sleepy!!

today I am linking up with Megan over at Mackey Madness for my third Sometimes and Always post. three times... man how time flies. lets get to the excitement shall we!?

sometimes: I start a link up with nothing particular to talk about...
always: I figure out something to say.. and by always I mean sometimes!

sometimes: I feel really really really hungry. like I could eat two whole meals all by myself.
always: I can't even finish the one small thing I made, bought, or ordered for myself.

sometimes: I feel really silly for emailing all these great people for advice and sponsorship opportunities. I only have 22 followers after all.
always: I appreciate all of my followers, and all of the bloggers who talk to me, read me, and give me support. I remember that I have been blogging for less than two months and 22 followers is an achievement and I love all of you!!!


  1. As a new blogger myself I feel like I will never get even 100 followers, much less over a thousand like some bloggers have. Congratulations on no cavities!


  2. I hate a white cat that has this radar of black clothes, so I feel your pain girl. And wow, 22 followers in 2 months, that's pretty sweet! :) I just started last week and I hope I'll be doing that good in 2 months time.

  3. as a chronic typo-er, I find your "I hate cat" typo my all time favorite at this moment!! hilarious :D

    I was just complaining last night that every single time I brushed my leg off she would rub her face on me! these animals are way way smarter than we give them credit for lol

    it's just strange and wonderful that anyone "follows" along to read what I have to say!

  4. Love it! And don't every feel silly :) Its not about how many followers you have...just how much fun you have!!

  5. I loved having just a few followers because it was so easy to create REAL relationships! Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed now with blogging, but I'm always trying to keep up! Haha!

    Thanks for linking up with me!!