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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where have you been all my life?

or maybe just Tuesday and Wednesday

of this week... 

on my way home from work Tuesday I got caught up in a crazy storm.
(please don't judge my cell phone-while driving photos!!)

as I was exiting the highway it was pretty sunny out.
so I made a Starbucks run... obviously.
then bam!
black. as. shit. outside. 
and the wind was kicking up fast.
picture me
I am driving home as fast as possible screaming to myself,
"my bubby!!! Ohmygawddddddd!! stop braking people!!"

um side note
I call the dog Bubby. 
and lots of other names... 
you'll figure it all out.

so yeah, driving home like a crazy person.
shit got crazy for like 20 minutes but really she (the dog) ended up being the brave one.
people outside were screaming
there were trees down everywhere
they sky was all crazy green
and then it was just sunny and pouring rain
the dog was fine
the power was out, and I am not about being sweaty. 
so I went to dinner with Craig.
Aaron had a man date with his buddy from work.
thanks for keeping me safe boyfriend...
just kiddingggggg :)

we decided to go to Tin Fish.
 neither of us had ever been there before.
if you are looking for a positive review on this restaurant, you are not going to find it here.

alright well... let me not be too negative.  
the drink was pretty darn good.

Craig hates having his picture taken.
after our crappy $25/per person even though the menu was half off dinner 
we drove around checking out the damage of the storm.

we drove by the projects....
it was nice to see that there was no power there as well.
we also saw a lot of flooding.
and drove through it.

the 4th of July.
 just kidding.
I didn't do much.

 Aaron may or may not have been hung over from his man date.
Kalie may or may not have decided to join in and pretend that she was hung over too.
the dog definitely slept until like 2pm

I did do something pretty fun...
Breanna and I pretended we were on the show::

I was Clinton Stacy London and she was my guest!
so. fun.
...although I think Bre might have been traumatized.
keep an eye out of an post with all of the photos from our "episode."

it was exhausting.


  1. that storm looks insane! glad you made it out safely while the boyfriend was out on a mandate :)

  2. i appreciate that somebody agrees with me! he was all, "noway, i'm not coming home, it's just a little rain!" psssh.