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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fatty Fatty 2x4

I preface by saying how sorry I am that I suck at blogging when photos aren't from my phone. so so sorry that this post is late!

back to the title!
yep that's right.
I said it.
photos from this weekend were the exact opposite of flattering.
fatty fatty 2x4 was on repeat in my head as I swiped through endless horrible photos on the iPad.
so what else can I do but show you some?
and we're off:

nice face. 

so yeah,
on Friday, we went swimming with my mom.
my grandparents just bought a new house with a pool.
exciting times for all!
Aaron of course paparazzi-ed some fantastic shots of me.
these are 2 out of 100 that I felt you all could handle seeing.

the next beauty is after I donated blood...
again another fantastic shot.
me wearing an exquisite outfit.
kill myself. 

Saturday I met with my personal trainer, Kayla.
she is evil. in the good sorta way.
since I worked so hard at the gym in the morning,
I took a nap...
and so did Kalie.

Aaron and I also decided on a little date night.
luckily the food sucked :) gym time not wasted!
I did fine tune some of my photo skills though!

Seriously though...
what is wrong with my face. 

gross. just gross.
I cannot even go on.
good day all.


  1. You're so funny. I always make my camera person of the day to take about 50 photos of me (on MY camera) so I can have at least one acceptable shot. If I'm not expecting a photo my face is usually caught wonky and lopsided, making some funny animated face. Well all I will say is that I am aware that my personality shines through the wonky face syndrome :-) Pictures are the devil

  2. yep, I agree with you. if they showed a normal face it really just wouldn't be me lol