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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


yesterday I went to the dentist...

please don't judge my work sandals... or my self painted toe nails. I know I need a pedi!!

do you guys hate the dentist?
I love the dentist, the man.
I hate the dentist, the location.
I left work early in order to get to my appointment on time.
guess how that went.
sooo great!
there was some horrible accident with three fire trucks and some ambulances and of course police.
two lanes of the freeway were shut down and we were backed up for miles.
smarty pants Amanda (uh that would be) decided to get off the freeway...
that little trip gave that Elvis song 'In the Ghetto' all new meaning for me.
thank Jesus I was driving Aaron's car. the air conditioning in my car is broken.
I would not have been in this area with my windows down.. I could have died people!! *dramatic*
where was I? Oh yes. I was driving to I place a hate and all signs said NO DON'T GO!
but I did, and..
no cavities!
aren't you proud?

since I didn't have any cavities this time Aaron and I took Kalie to get ice cream!


  1. Yay for no cavities! I haven't had one yet and I'm 23 *knock on wood*...and your pup is such a cutie!

  2. Not a fan of the dentist myself! I have to take my daughter tomorrow and I go next week to get a wisdom tooth taken out. Yay for you and no cavities though!!

  3. Bahahaha! "In the Ghetto!" I'm dying! Glad you're safe and sound and without cavities! :)