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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sometimes and Always #2

it's that time again people!  
Sometimes and Always with Megan...
this post will be all about my mini vacation!!
we went to Grand Rapids this weekend and fell in love.
with the city obviously.. lol
so if you don't like a shit ton of photos, 
turn back now!!

sometimes: when trying to get the shot you will do things you wouldn't typically do.

always: getting the perfect picture is worth laying on the ground.. in a fountain... or anywhere else for that matter!

sometimes:  it's hard to trust people.
always: when it is your family you should probably just do it anyway!
(I had the hardest time leaving Kalie with Aaron's family for the weekend. I did it anyway and she had a super fun time... and so did we!)

sometimes: you need to break the rules and go places you aren't supposed to.
always: it's more fun when you take risks

omg guys... this is so not cute lmao

sometimes: you just need to have a drink or two before hitting the art museum 

always: you should go sooner that 20 minutes before the close if you plan on taking pictures!! lesson learned.

 aren't they so cute!?

overall, it was an amazing trip. 
I am so glad we got away from work and life for a little while.
I dreaded the thought of coming back here (work) and guess what!
it is just as bad as expected. ugh. I need to do something with myself.
enjoy a few more photos and have a great Tuesday everyone!

 yes. that is in fact a windmill tattoo.. wtf lady

we ate at an awesome restaurant. the food was good, their environmental practices were good, the drinks were good. I swear.. I think Grand Rapids is the place for me. SOOO hippie :)

Aaron is a trader.. drinking Biggbe because he saw a billboard. ridiculous!


  1. Awesome pictures! I've gotten into some weird situations to get a shot!!

  2. I did it again :)

    You've been nominated! Check out my latest post!!

  3. Looks like a great trip! I love the picture of the bridges!