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Thursday, August 9, 2012

always. sometimes. never.

it's no joke. I am ashamed of my excessive link-ups.
next week I swear to have no link-ups!
do you believe me? we'll see.

I always love getting Starbucks in the morning.
though I will sometimes go again multiple times throughout the day.
there is never any shame in my game. I love it and I can't help it.

does anyone else read blogs all day, like it is there job? I am always checking in to see if someone updated so that I can comment or grab an idea for tomorrow.
sometimes I will just go on a comment spree because everyone is saying interesting things, and other times I'm just doing it to get exposure.
like I said before. there is never shame in my game!
when I get home from work I always have the same routine: change, pee, and turn on the tv
sometimes I will have no intention of even watching the stupid thing.. but I do it anyways.
there has yet to be a time when the Kardashians were on and I was able to turn away. I can never get enough of their ridiculousness.

I always look forward to writing an awesome blog post for everyone to read.
but sometimes I lose my creativity half way through and I find myself rambling...
I typically pull it together and think that they are acceptable, but I never expect the large response that I get. You guys are awesomeeeee.


  1. I found out I'm actually in Troy! But I think I was in Detroit last night?! Pretty sure my boss has me doing a "working lunch", she may be working but I am most definitely going to be concentrating on lunch. I hate work travel lol.

  2. I always think you're ridiculous, I sometimes want to slap you, I never want us to break up. Lol <3 your face, beef.

  3. How I wish there were a Starbucks in any close proximity to me. sigh. Drink one for me. No whip, though (I'm trying to eat healthier)

  4. I think I answered all your questions with yes! I could be on blogger ALL DAY LONG and never get tired of it for sure :)

  5. Oh, girl, Starbucks is my favorite!!! Do you have a registered card? You can get some great benefits from it!

  6. hi there new friend!! i alwwwaaays get starbucks every am! love love love that stuff. my fuel!

  7. thank you so much for linking up! i have zero shame in drinking waaaay too much starbucks. i hate when people say "$5 a day for a million years and you could have a new car!" um. no thank you. i really just enjoy my daily starbucks.

    xo brie

  8. I hate it when you go to Target (or a store) with a Starbucks inside and you have a line of normal people in front of you with no idea how to order. "uhhh can I have a large coffee?" NO! No you cannot, go to a gas station you fool.

    I am most definitely a gold card member. I got the card in December I think right around my birthday and have since gotten 4 free drinks... that is a lot lol

  9. Don't stop the link ups, that's how I found you! Happy to be your newest follower :)


  10. Just found your blog, you have such a funny, relatable writing style! Bookmarked :)