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Tuesday, August 28, 2012



it is day two without Starbucks..
it has been rough to say the least.
I'm totally kidding. it hasn't really been too bad.
but that is probably because it's only day two,
andddd because I haven't stopped the iced coffee.
I just can't quit it..
fortunately I have found a product so now I don't even need to.

I'm pretty sure it's going to change my life...
well if nothing else it will change my budget.
I can probably get a week of this stuff for the equivalent of one day at Starbucks.
of course it's not exactly the same. let's not even try to pretend..
but when we are talking $4.29/day compared to $4/week the mind can convince you.

uh why did I just have an amazing idea?
Starbucks money saving challenge? obviously.
hold that thought.
let me track through my bank statement to determine how much I spent last month!
actually, if you know anything about me, you know that I'm pretty damn lazy.
let's just estimate, kay?

($4.29/day)(3days/week) = $12.87/week
($12.87/week)(4weeks/month) = $51.48/month

alright so being totally conservative we get $52 being spent on Starbucks a month...
and by conservative I basically mean that I am a liar.
now if I remember to follow through with this until the end of September we will see how much I save by drinking that stuff instead of buying Starbucks. which unless you remind me I totally won't!
ya know why? because I am an addict and we all know that I am going back...



  1. My Starbucks money only comes from credit card rewards. I consider it "free" money...that way I am not watching my bank account drop for my love of Starbucks.

  2. You're a crazy coffee lady, but it's ok, you admit it over and over again, which is the first step to recovering. PS: if you search online you can find coupons for that iced coffee, which makes it even cooler. ;)