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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

who gives an eff if...

I mean so what!

it is time for "so what! Wednesday."
which is great because I have a lot of stuff this week that I don't give a shiz about.

so what! if...

-I want to punch my boss in the face. sometimes. working in a department of all women is the worst.

-I still haven't gone for a run.. I'm going to get back on track soon. don't judge me!

-my house is a, looks like a bomb went off, hot mess and vacation is in 3 days. I'll get to it.

-I totally want to get botox even after seeing that episode wear Kim looks like she got punched in the face. don't worry, I'll wait until I'm 30.


-I plan on getting a pedi slightly before I need to so that I can have vacation ready toes!

-I took a half day of work today, I only have to make it through 4 hours, and it still feels like WAY too long.

-we have no groceries... we're going on a trip anyway!!

-I want to go to NYC in April, Italy in May, and move across the state, (it's Michigan guys, it's not even that big of a move).

-I'm so totally excited to see a lumber jack show, ride horses, and go para-sailing on vacation!!

alright, I will end this on that positive note.
have a great Wednesday everybody!!


  1. Whoa! Lumberjack show?! Now that sounds like a vacation to me. ;)

  2. Her botox person must suck, because I didn't have a bit of bruising. I want to do it again, but I'm going on see a lumberjack show I think.

  3. where do you work with all women?
    i work part time in retail..oi...kinda tough sometimes cuz i'm really sensitive.
    anyway, i just followed u thru GFC and hope you have time to do the same on my bloggity blog.

  4. I'm hoping that this lumberjack thing can actually live up to the hype in my mind :)

    I work in the marketing department. its not really my thing at all. I went to school for architecture which is inherently a "man's career." I am not used to being around all these women at all. you know how girls will say one thing but mean something completely different?

    "oh are your sandals gladiator inspired?"
    translation: "ew bitch your shoes are ugly."

    it just gets to be too much.

  5. I am dying laughing at your posts! You are so hilarious! I wish I could make my voice come out in my blogs. I'm a blogging rookie so hopefully over time I learn to express my voice like you do. Great read. Definitely going to follow.