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Thursday, August 30, 2012

jam out [with your clam out?]

haha totally kidding.
but really...
I went running in these shorts yesterday,
they kept riding up, like WAY up...
at one point it was as if I was running in underwear.
totally hilar. in the kill yourself kind of way
it was completely embarrassing!

on to my real post now please?

I am linking up for It's Ok Thursday with Amber and Neely's okay

  • to post completely random and unrelated photos so that this post has at least a couple images in it. posts with no photos are totally boringgggg.
  • to be late to work almost everyday this week because my boss is on vacation? it actually hasn't been on purpose at all.. I just haven't been getting a lot of sleep.
  • to have just started class yesterday, have homework already and be ignoring it.
  • to be thinking about dinner.
  • that I still have laundry to do from last week, even though I want to do laundry one day a week.
  • to be annoyed when people are constantly on their cell phones. it kind of makes you wonder why you are even there... ya know? 
  • to love the Chris Brown cd. (a real life guilt issue here people.. a story for another day I think...)
  • that I really need to get back to work because I have a deadline today that I have really been half-assing.
  • I hope this Thursday blows your mind with greatness?


  1. HAHAH undie running! And yea, that's all and laundry are annoying.

  2. For real, I'm always thinking about food. As in I don't have to be hungry and I plan what I'm gonna eat next. It's insane. Hope your day is great and that laundry gets done!


  3. Found your blog on the link up! Hilarious name... I am a fellow redhead and that is a question I hear probably once a day at least. Also people ask to touch it! Do you get petted (is that even a word?) like a dog, because I definitely do! haha!

    P.S. I am your newest follower! :)