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Monday, August 20, 2012

What Is Brown & Sticky

{a stick}



/1/heading out on the road to our week long vacation. /2/had to create a vacation sound track! and of  course had to decorate the disk.. /3/Aaron getting his drive on. /4/so... i bought some mustache straws to celebrate Aaron's birthday week. He seemed to enjoy it. /5/mother. /6/hermano.

/7/hermano shooting the AR. I took pictures and did not participate. the boys were not happy about it. /8/this vacation we went all out tourist and got some old time photos done. I kinda look hot... /9/hell yes, lumber jack show. please come back to my blog really really soon so that you can see all the photos from the show! /10/quicksand beach in the upper peninsula. /11/we almost hit a deer and practically ran out of gas on this particular car ride north. Aaron was jazzed to make it to this hill billy gas station! /12/chillin' in the woods, obvs

 /13/wandering through the woods, we took a picture together. how totally normal. /14/giant boat. /15/Aaron drives a lot, okay? don't judge me!! /16/YAY!! we found a starbucks!! SO SO SO happy! /17/so comfy, sleeping quietly in the car. /18/just kidding. have a horrible ride home, in the pouring rain, with your crying dog, hahahahahaha, love god.


  1. hehe love the Wild West shots ;) Looks like a fun weekend!

  2. Oh mix tapes...they're always a must for a vacation. And great stache shots.