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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Awkward Photos

I would have to warn you all
nothing you will see here today is going to be attractive.
I warned you.
now lets get to it!

do I look like a lesbian in this picture? 
I miss my hair guys... 
I think I'm making myself feel worse than it really is... 
but lesbi-honest, I'm pretty sure its butt ugly.

uh shave your face? lol

so yesterday Aaron and I took a half day of work.
besides hating work, we took the day off to go to a little family event.
Aaron's step mom was having some work "safety" celebration,
and basically we hardly participate in things,
so we changed it up and we went!
I was thinking, how hard can it be, sit in a park with some people?
a park.

a parking lot really.
man was it hot!
I mean really, look at this lady:
Kentucky Derby?
there was food, and there were games
but for the most part I spent my time chasing people around
taking, what I like to call 'candid' photos.

                                            Kevin - Aaron's brother                                                         Venus - Kevin's girlfriend

 Maddi - Aaron's 11 year old sister. 
can you believe that? 
she's as tall, if not taller than me. 
I refuse to let her check. so embar
anyway, she is in the "ew no not my face!" stage
that should only last what... I'm 26 sooo
15 more years of that?

so yep. that was my evening yesterday.
good times.

also, I forgot to mention
on Tuesday I went to this pizza place
located in Eastern Market in downtown Detroit.
typically I would not share this little trip with you
(because I only have two photos of the entire thing)
however, it was the best pizza of my. entire. life.
no joke.
go there if you can.
I got one with mushrooms and basil
and Craig got one with prosciutto and an egg

I want to go back just thinking about it...
and on my way back to the office,
while stopped at a traffic light
some kid offered me a hit of his 'blunt'
yep talked to me right throw my car window.
and they say Detroit isn't a nice please.

Have a great Thursday everybody!!


  1. Lesbi-honest. You could've just posted that and I would've loved this post just the same. And no, you don't look like a lesbian. And yes, I'll take a slice of that pizza, please and thank you.

  2. I think you're hair looks just fine...was it a lot longer before?

    And that pizza just made me hungry! Yum!