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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

fatty tuesday

today I am doing a link up with Kristen from All In My Twenties.
I just found this this little link up while doing some blog stalking.
it's not supposed to be on Tuesdays and I'm definitely a little late to the game.
ask me if I care.
nope. I don't.

last October I really started to do things in my life completely different.
I started working out and eating totally different. I haven't even had pop since.
craziness I know. however, I have only lost like 20lbs and that just doesn't cut it.
so I am pretty excited for this motivational link up!

I guess for the link up I'm supposed to give you my stats..
that is awkward...
alright well I am sure as heck not about to post a before and after photo.
Kristen is WAY more brave than me!!

I am 5'4
sw: 185lbs
cw: 164lbs

hopefully I do not regret posting this information.
have a good day all!


  1. You go girl for posting your weight! I am in no way brave enough :) Congrats on the good work & not having soda since October = AMAZING!

  2. Already well on your way! Awesome! I am starting a diet/exercise routine TODAY! Oh dear....!

  3. I went running yesterday (Wednesday) after work, finally. I think I've taken like... I don't even know, probably a 2 month hiatus. It sucks going back so far! It is like starting from the very beginning. But I am back on track and I'm going to stick with it!

    Good luck Holly! You can do it!!