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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

yer myyy best friend

(is that the song from toy story?)

anyway... lol

on any given day, 
Breanna and I will have an ongoing conversation.
probably from like 9am until 9pm using google talk. 
which if you don't know, 
gtalk is basically the new aim. 

I thought it might be fun.. 
and informative to share.
only two small,
yet totally entertaining,
pieces from yesterday's conversation.

water challenge
me:  Yes I challenge you to drink more water than me. Which is never going to happen bitch.
 Breanna:  Oh yeah?! What are you drinking a day? I'll beat that shit. And then piss my pants cuz I wont make it to a
 me:  I haven't had any yet so this should be a fair time to start. Are you down? lol Only water counts. None of this grape drink, crystal light, bull shit lol
 Breanna:  I'm down. I'm filling my bottle right now.
 me:  How large is your bottle?
 Breanna:  Its just a mt dew bottle lol
 me:  Oh. My. God. lmao
 Breanna:  well, I think my camelback is in my car lol
 me:  Straight Classy
 Breanna:  Hey, drinking water is the point. Not the container lol
 me:  A little bit the point... 

with the Olympics being all that anyone can talk about
it is no surprise that it came up in our conversation as well.

basketball in the Olympics?!
 Breanna:  I must say though, I really don't like that basketball is an olympic sport..weird im sure
 me:  Why dont you "like it"?
 Breanna:  Idk I guess cuz when I think olympics, I think of these being the worlds top athletes. Best at what they do, tip top physical shape. And yeah basketball players are in shape and are good and all. But I guess I've just been to too many pro basketball games, cuz you go to a game and seriously like every 30 seconds the game is stopped. It just never goes for a while seeming like a game where you need endurance. Its kinda hard to explain. Maybe just because it has to be one of the most simple games to play. Idk just doesnt impress me at all
 Breanna:  Idk. I mean I never went pro basketball. Obviously, but I did play for a few yrs on teams. And im saying there's absolutely nothing to it, there's just not enough for me to think oh man, this should SO be an olympic sport
 me:  Omg seriously. lmao I cannot even believe you are saying this right now. Like you were in elementary school dude stfu lmao
 Breanna:  Don't matter, you still are doing the game how its played. Its not just being in your back yard playing 1 on 1 with your dad lol. There's rules, things you do, moves that you do cause that's just how you play the game. And its just whatever lol. Actually I think its harder as a kid because your super short, so running down the court takes longer. These guys who are like 7 ft tall can take 3 steps and be to the other basket! Lol


  1. That Bre girl is so right. I want to be her ;)

  2. Those convos remind me of me and my best friend. We listerally talk about nothing all day through texts. No one would understand us if they read them. haha

  3. Why aren't there any pictures? I come to this blog to see pictures.
    And I agree with that Bre chick. basketball shouldn't be in the Olympics because it's just a stupid boring game.

  4. yeah clearly this post was not all that I thought it would be!! SORRY

    I'll do better next time, promise.