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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Edit Schmedit

today there is a whole heck of a lot to say SO WHAT! to...
I should probably get started.

so what! if...

  • I got excited when my boss complimented me on a bio paragraph I wrote. it's the little things in life isn't it?
  • I went to Starbucks twice and had Breanna bring me Tim Hortons yesterday... I had a long day of shooting! p.s. don't try the Tim Hortons' Iced Latte, it probably goes without saying but it was pretty sick.
  • I plan on going to return something so I can buy something #brokeassproblems
  • my pants are still tight after vacation. I've been good since Sunday.. shit I forgot about those donut holes...
  • I edited photos for 8 hours last night and probably won't get paid for it. just kidding, I'm kinda irritated about that one.
  • I put on two dresses this morning and than changed to pants.
  • I really want to move to change things up but I can't decide where. it has been narrowed down at least? Grand Rapids, MI - Chicago, IL - a "farmy area" close to my city now so I can still shop and have Starbucks... 
  • I really really really love Taylor's blog. saw her on gchat last night and had a deep conversation with myself as to whether it would be creepier or not to message her, only to realize she had already signed off... creeper.
  • I haven't folded laundry since we were actually up north on vacation. I have laundry baskets all over the place at home.
  • I am seriously behind on all the things I need to get done for this beautiful blog. just kidding again. it is stressing me out.
  • I think I am excited to start classes but we both know that I'm really not.
okay. I should stop... this list could literally go on!

have an awesome day ladies (and gentlemen? I doubt it.)


  1. can I just say that the photos you took are gorgeous! You seriously should get paid for these, somehow, somewhere!

  2. oh thank you so much! they turned out better than expected... I think most of us have the problem of excepting when you are good at something.