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Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Okay {Thursdays} to have a caffeine addiction

ah yes. it is that time again.
let's see... what am I making excuses for this week?

it's okay have 5+ shots of espresso in one day.

 not be sure what I'm going to do with my life (career based only of course) even though I am almost 26 years old. love taking photos but let someone else edit them just the way I say. really, really, enjoy certain aspects/tasks of my job but in general dislike it. seems to be the way life is... fight with friends as long as everyone can see their faults, apologize, and learn something out of it all. want to be the skinny one in ^^that photo^^ lol be planning to go buy those old lady slimming underwear after trying on those dresses this morning.

  (via) still not have started be finished editing vacation photos to use here in a real post. have accidentally hit Aaron in the eye ball (for real, wetness on my finger :X) while folding laundry.

yep. it is all okay with me!

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  1. No one should be standing that close to another person while they're folding laundry, his fault. And yea, I'm in the market for some slimming undies just for my baby dress is too clingy for my now massive ass/hips. BLAH.