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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

totally eventful

yesterday was a good day.

I finally finished something at work that I had been stressing over...
anything with a noon due date freaks me out.
people think that means they have until like 11am to get there shiz together.
um no. finish it the night before please.
anyway :)
I got it out a little early and it was perfect.
a page under the maximum even. good work Amanda!

I got myself out of the house and did a short run.
it might not be much but at least I did something.
Aaron worked until 11 last night so there was a good chance of me doing nothing at all,
I got Breanna to come over and we went.
We did like two miles.
I would have liked to go further but we had to get to the pharmacy before they closed.
excuses, excuses right?
I definitely plan on going again today, so don't worry about it!

since I had such a productive day at work,
and also because I burned 200 calories (obvs)
Breanna and I decided to go get sushi!!
<she's so cute! 
I got a salmon roll and a shrimp tempera roll.
we tried a new place and I wasn't the biggest fan...
I probably won't go there again.
the location was nice I guess but not really worth it.

also, last night our friends had their baby!
I cannot wait to take pictures.
he is so so cute already.
and clearly he is a considerate guy.
showing up at 9pm is just the classy thing to do.

<so damn attractive... 
today I am at work.. alone so far.
the ladies keep coming in later and later.
which isn't so bad. especially today..
because, well,
I was totally late.

today I plan on completely finishing my guest post for my September Sponsorship of The Daily Tay.
I have a feeling that it is going to take me quite awhile...
so since I am putting in so much effort make sure you keep an eye out!
it's going to be great...
embarrassing if nothing else.

have an amazing Wednesday everybody!


  1. GRR me want sushi! Who knew 9 months without raw fish can make a girl so sad?!

  2. You should have come with me, it was $5 martinis and $1 burgers. I remembered what you said and got a Diva Martini. OMG, heavenly! We sat outside and ended up staying until almost 11, the weather was perfect :)

  3. Cheryl, you should follow my blog and not rub in how great your time was!

    Alicia, I thought you were allowed to have small amounts? I feel like there is a lot you are required to give up for that little nugget that they never fully appreciate.. lol something to consider for when planning the possible next time!