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Thursday, October 4, 2012

thursday, already?

I feel rushed, and thankful all at the same time!

random side note:
I may or may not be wearing yoga pants at work right now.
...I totally am! and it's great!

where the hell was this post going...?
oh yeah, training day, obvs

Breanna and I completed training day one last night.
it was heinous. giving up on our workouts and being lazy bitches for a month...
[who am I kidding? being lazy for 25 years] has been quite the disservice to our training!
soooo we did 2 miles at a 15 minute pace...
that is fucking disturbing, and slow.
I guess the good part is, that even at that pace, 
we will beat last years slowest time at our race in December...
which was set by like a 60 year old woman!!
we are a shameful group.

something that I think you guys can benefit from knowing...
do. not. ever. put your car in park in the DRIVE-thru.
never. ever. do this.
it is not acceptable. ever.
this is a place to drive through.
do not put your shit in park!!
do not place an order for $35!!
just get the eff out of your car
go inside of the establishment 
and place your order for the country you are feeding.

...and that is all
have a great Thursdayyyyy


  1. no joke, I am seriously considering wearing yoga pants to work because I am so sick and have no desire to get dressed. None whatsoever. Except I guess I will.

  2. I also believe taking orders over the phone at a drive thru is wrong as well. If the people themselves can't drive their own asses to the drive thru, or at least write down their order before, then they deserve NO FOOD!