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Monday, October 15, 2012

what the what

on my way to work this morning the gas range thing read

"F miles" - I think we can all imagine what that is supposed to mean.
classy Astra. real classy.

this weekend wasn't too eventful and I liked it that way.
I got a ton of laundry finished, and I did a lot of sitting on my new couches...
which you still haven't seen. 
[which reminds me... is that contest over yet? omg Oct. 21st? that is ridiculous.. what was I thinking...]
over it.. check the bottom for the winner :)

on Saturday we didn't do much of anything at all.
Kalie, Aaron, and I spent most of the day on the couch,
 snuggling and watching The Walking Dead Marathon
 angry face - stop taking my picture NOW

Sunday was spent washing all of the laundry that we own as well as tromping about the woods.
it was raining and it was muddy... I'm not an outdoor fan under the best of conditions.
this was an experience to say the least.
 I got my boots all dirty.. such a disappointment.
I did shoot the gun a couple times and I think I did pretty well.
which is a really good thing because Breanna and I went for a run later in the night and it went BAD!
better learn to shoot because I definitely won't be able to run away from anything trying to get me lol

are you ready for something terrifying....
okay here it is. me. in the woods.


happy Monday guys!

oh hey, did I mention that on Friday I got my iPhone5!?
because I did!!!!

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  1. A little eyeliner never hurt anyone..even in the woods. Lol

  2. Yeah I am definitely not putting makeup on and doing my hair to go stand in the pouring rain and wind in the middle of the woods and then go home for a 2 mile run. I'm pretty sure that would have ended up looking even worse....

    You all know the look I'm talking about, picture the hysterical crying girl on the bachelor who didn't use waterproof mascara and drank way too much! lol

  3. Who won? You said see the bottom for the winner, but I don't see anyone!!!!