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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is here...

alright people
remember how we all made our September Goals
yeah that worked for crap!

lose 4 pounds...?
it is safe to say that I did the exact opposite of that.
[you can bet your sweet ass I've got a million excuses for this one]
between Aaron's back injury at the beginning of the month,
my foot injury and our combined laziness,
there was a ton of inactivity.
now we are planning to go to NYC in December/January
and we planning to make vlogs?
get seriously people...
I cannot look like this.

what do they say? a goal needs to be measurable something something something?
so I am going to clearly state my lose weight method goals:
  1. climb the stairs at work to the ninth floor (minimum twice per weekday)
  2. finish a minimum of 2 CAMELBAKs a day
  3. go to the gym (minimum of twice a week)
  4. do the daily Pinterest workouts at home Monday-Friday (unless I went to the gym)
  5. total of 5 work out days per week!
  6. no dairy: Tuesdays & Thursdays
  7. no meat: Monday
I wish I could quit meat but for some reason I can't... I am so ashamed!!

I also just registered for a 5k in December!
lets get motivated people!!

continue working on my portfolio each week

last month my goal was to work on the document 2 hours per week.
this was completely manageable and went really well.
that is until I could not longer open the damn document.
so now I need to step it up to more time.
I believe that 2 hours on Tuesday & 2 hours on Thursday will be perfect.
4 total hours per week.

focus on my blog

you people couldn't not get any more of my attention!!
haha totally kidding!
I probably need to focus more on commenting.
and also editing the photos that I put up for you all to look at...
but other than that I think I am doing a great job.
good job self!

I even have a giveaway for you guys!!
October 8th...
be here or.. be a loser!



this has been going well,
however, I could do even better.
I think we really should stop going out to eat completely.
boom. October goal :)

alright... I feel bad for you.
another completely selfish and boring post for the books.


  1. Good luck with your goal! I don't think I could give up meat either =/
    I know I need to eat better and exercise more, but I have zero motivation to get off my butt and all the motivation to eat just one more brownie....

  2. You can do it lady!! Just think positive...and tell me what a camelbak is.

  3. I am with you - I just can't quit meat, either! And you're going to NYC? I am majorly envious!

  4. Good luck! I always want to get slimmer, but too lazy to do the work out LOL

  5. Walking the stairs.....wooo! that will be hard, but I'm sure it will get your heart racing (in a good way!)

  6. Good luck but don't quit meat!! Just make sure it's hormone free. I eat meat everyday! I always pin those exercises and then never do them! Must start!