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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

shit is about to get heavy

I kid -shit is staying completely light today.

did you know that today is Eminem's 40th birthday?
well, now you do. since I am from Detroit,
[which I am totally not, but you know how it is.
if you live in a State anywhere within 30 miles of a big city you just mention that big city rather than where you are really from: somewhere nobody knows of..]
Eminem is a huge deal.  even if you don't want to, you probably have a favorite song or video.
what's my favorite Eminem video you ask?! well, I would love to share that with you.

that is right my friend. amazing video -circa 1999
I die... I still know all the words.
can you guess my favorite part?
"You better think of the consequence (But who are you?)"
"I'm your motherfuckin' conscience"
are you surprised? probably not if you know the song...
the effects in that video are laughable.
oh 1999, you are hilarious.

Breanna's favorite is a little more recent.

"Like Toy Soliders" was released in 2004
I'm pretty sure her favorite part is his outfit...

alright everybody, have a great Wednesday
and while you are at it,
do something Eminem would be proud of!


  1. I'm going to have to go with Love the Way You Lie or Lose Yourself. HAHAHA Maybe you should bust out 8 Mile and watch that in honor of him?

    On a more legit note, did you see Chrysler is making an 8 mile edition of the 200??

  2. My favorite is that new-ish one with those other guys; the one that's really good with a catchy beat. You know which one I

    PS WHY did you not tell me SHANE IS GOING TO DIE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????