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Monday, October 22, 2012

images of my weekend & addiction

yes, I finally took pictures of the shoes around my house...
and it took awhile, it also took a lot of photos.
nevertheless, it is finished, and ready for your viewing pleasure.

but first! a couple shots from the weekend.

Friday, Breanna and I went and saw Paranormal Activity 4.
long story short. terrible movie.. well, you know, it wasn't scary in the least.
it was exactly what one would expect.
but I did get pretty damn excited to hear that they are making a Latino version of the film.
cannot wait.
[sorry this image is so blurry, I took it in the dark]

Breanna was quite prepared for her movie going experience.
this would be the inside of her purse, fully equipped.
fries, McDouble, sour patch kids.
however, I cannot let her look like a fatty alone...
I, of course, had to partake in the purse fries [who turns down fries?!], I had an Icee and popcorn.
it was a great friend date night.   

Saturday, Aaron was taking his CPL course so I was left unattended all day.
which meant that I went to Target and spent most of my day there.
um yeah, I tried on like 100 items of clothing and spent over $200.
it was bad. my better judgement [Aaron] came back later in the day and I returned quite a bit though.
which was for the best,
because we spent a lot adding Apple Care to my phone & going out for dinner and a movie.

now... I don't think I am even going to say anything about this. 
I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 
perhaps I will discuss tomorrow..


  1. I love the purse fries! I never would have thought to sneak in fries lol.
    I think the shoes are so funny. Not because you have so many but because they are all over the place. You just need a shoe room =)

  2. Ha! I've snuck lots of things in movie theatres, but never a McDouble... you ladies are fantastic and stealthy!

    Cute :)

  3. Bahaha! I LOVE all the food in the purse. I'm totally doing that next time we go to a movie. In homage to you ladies, of course. And holy crap women, you weren't kidding about those shoes! I thought I had a lot, but I've got nothing on you!