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Thursday, October 18, 2012

the tale of the muddy boots

first of all...
how fucking ugly are those? 
if you said "so ugly I would kill myself before I would ever!"
then you would be 100% correct.

now, on to my point...
remember how I told you I have somewhat of an anger problem?
[well, if you are selfish and you don't remember, you can read about it here.]
 it is time for me to share another problem with you...
some call it addiction... some call it hoarding...
I call it love, okay?

I love shoes and I express this love by buying a lot of them.
I understand that many of you right now are like, "yeah sure! we all buy shoes."
but.. I don't think you understand. I don't have an exact count.. I will do that tonight.
what I can tell you is that right now I am storing shoes in my bedroom closet
on a bookcase in my basement, in my office, some in my garage, more in my basement
well as in a large storage bin that you can see in that photo... 

don't judge, me okay?
Aaron doesn't appreciate a good shoe like I do.
he gets pissed when he trips on my shoes, 
he basically made me choose between the bin or moving out!
I usually keep the cheap, I don't care too much shoes in this bin.
however, sometimes, Aaron gets in a mood to "clean" and throws other, more lovely shoes in there..
extremely upsetting on a regular basis. but then.. when things like this happen.. it is even worse.

while getting ready for work this morning I couldn't find my shoes. 
Aaron has been home "sick" for a few days, so, of course I checked the bin.
what did I find? those damn boots! on. top. of. everything!!! 
so not cool.

thanks for cleaning up though honey.
love you :)

you know what is cool?

 such a cutie tootie

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  1. We're going to need to see pictures of this shoe collection. More to aspire towards having our own jumbo shoe collection than anything else.