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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I had a great idea...

...while I was driving to work today.

sitting in traffic that long allows for a lot of time to think.
am I right? a 2+ hour commute each day makes me more than right.
[long ass commute combined with coworkers I usually cannot stand]
that could so easily turn into a rant, so lets move on, shall we?

my great idea

I have a real life friend blogger, Kalie.
she commented, "positive posts only, please" in the past.
the reality of the situation is, I'm not really all that positive.
I'm fucking negative, sarcastic, and angry.
you come to my blog to get to know me, do you not?
I can only assume that you appreciate my angry humor, and for that I appreciate you!
so my idea is to try and get most of my negativity out into one weekly angry post.
Ticked Off Tuesday, obviously! do you love it? of course you do.

so here it is. edition no. 1

Ticked Off Tuesday

  • I am so tired of hearing about Lance Armstrong.  people act like they personally know him and are feeling some deep disappointment. get over it! he is not your brother, uncle, father, husband, this does not affect you.
  • my gym has the most lazy dumb hours ever. the close at like 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. perhaps I would like to stop being lazy around 7:30pm, what am I gonna do then!? thanks for nothing gym.
  • I fucking hate traffic.
  • I went to the movies and the mall a few times over the last week. I get really worked up when I see a girl who clearly showered, spent like a hour (minimum) doing her hair and make up and then, what does she do? bitch puts on some sweatpants. listen darlings, just because it says PINK on it doesn't mean its not a pair of sweatpants! just, put some jeans on okay!?
  • I don't like it when people ask ridiculously stupid questions out loud. if you are a grown ass business professional and you need to know what CC means because you are an idiot, you do not ask that shit out loud! our lord and savior created Google for just this reason.

    I think that'll do it for my first edition!
    what do you guys want to be negative about?
    come on, do it, it's so fun.


    1. That's what Google is for, great! Maybe you should send her a link for future questions!

    2. The picture of the traffic made me have a minor panic attack...ohmygosh!

    3. Sometimes I just wish I could send people to (

    4. I couldn't imagine driving 2 hours to work every day...especially to work with people I didn't like. You are crazy and I think it gives you the right to rant as much as you want lol

      I completely agree with the Google rant. I was at the store yesterday and this guy, holding a smart pone, was asking people what a churro was and where he could he find one in the store. He could have googled it. I think google is a verb now =) least I use it as one. It's much faster than saying let me search for that on the internet. So I explained what a churro was...and I was a little sad that all of the other people did not know. Churros are yummy! Anyway my point is you are right. We have the internet for a reason...use it. =)

    5. Hahahaha oh my word, that last comment about Google made me laugh out loud. IN the office! Yes!

    6. Oh. My. Lord. This is hilarious! And I think it should totally be a link up! I've gotta do some thinking, but I'm sure I could come up with some things! = )

    7. I love Ticked Off Tuesdays already! (although Fuck it Fridays would have been awesome)

    8. HAHA oh man. Love the sweat pant comment. So funny :)

    9. Good Morning!

      I really love reading your blog. You are always honest and funny. I can count on you for a laugh =) So I've nominated you for a Liebster Award.
      You can find the rules on my blog:

    10. Just came across your blog. TWO HOURS. That is crazy! I hate traffic too.