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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

you down with O.P.P.?

do you know what that means?

I thought I heard it meant something sexual...

not sure though.

today I figured that since I didn't have too much to say,
yet still enough to write a post, that I would do a little link-up,
a tried and true favorite of mine. 
So What Wednesday with Shannon from Life After I "Dew"

this week I am deciding to say So What If..
  • I cannot remember anything I did at work yesterday other than make my blog look awesome.
  • I got new couches and a new rug and you still haven't seen either? ...I actually feel really guilty. I don't know why I am so lazy... trust me, I hate myself more than you do.
   in the end, we went with the one on the top
hopefully pictures of it in the living room [and not at Target] coming soon!
  • I have been blogging while on drugs. I think it makes me a better blogger, certainly more entertaining!
  • I was excited for the weekend by Monday afternoon.
  • I still haven't made a new blog signature... I will get around to it this weekend.. probably..
  • I chased this lady down on the freeway so that I could take a picture of her car so you all could see it... and you can still barely read it!!
Life Without Jesus Christ Ends in Hell
hey I get it, we all love us some Jesus. But do you really need to be the person driving around with the billboard on your car, in combination with the other 5 bumper stickers you are rockin'? probably not. she also looked exactly as you would expect her too ;)
  • I am totally enjoying the cold rainy weather. I like having an excuse to stay indoors!
  • I saw someone with an Obama and a Romney bumper sticker.. such commitment!! I took this as a message saying, "Hey! I love the president for being the president. I don't mind who it is!" ha. 
  • I am near passing out from excitement over the season premiere of "The Walking Dead"  
  • I just got even more excited looking for a picture to use for the above "so what"!!!
  • I have totally lost track of what I was saying because of The Walking Dead... oh well. 

have a bomb ass day everybody!
hahaha    wow.
oh! don't forget to enter my giveaway okay!?

So What Wednesday


  1. Once on a trip to six flags I made my mom chase down a work truck so I could take a picture. It said erection specialist on the back. There were lots of wires and poles in the back so I'm sure he erected something. I just kept thinking why would they put that on the truck? I'm sure they could have come up with a better title...but it wouldn't have been as funny lol

  2. I love the bumper sticker comment! Made me giggle! Cute blog :)

  3. Cute blog, stopping by from SWW and you have a new follower :)

    I totally did blog stuff at work all day yesterday too. And look, I am donig it again now. Now I dont feel as guilty knowing someone else does the same thing :)