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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

tra la la la

this weekend was nice.
it was super relaxing and extremely cute!
and since this weekend update post is totally late I am just going to bombard you with photos...
and then I'll probably ramble at the end because we both know that I talk WAY too much!

oh.. another thing... 
since my post is late..
my photos aren't edited.
I'm really sorry okayyyyy.
they aren't THAT bad though!

Aaron and I took my sisters [Samantha (3) and Catherine (6)] on a little adventure.
the ladies were extremely well behaved and surprisingly let me take pictures of them.
I am still trying to convince Aaron that two kids is too many!

my life has been totally exciting guys...
homework, laundry, buying stuff for my giveaway... 
october 8th!!
honestly, I have been getting out of control!
clearly I am kidding!

I did make one pretty interesting decision the other day with Breanna though.
we are planning on making vlogs the entire time that we are in New York for New Years.
you know, like on the road trip there, in the "hotel," 
[lets me honest, the cloest that has a bed in our hostel] on the subway.
hopefully it is as humiliating and entertaining as it sounds lol

omg also!!! look at this:
I tweeted Kona Grill and the responded!! 

alright, that is all I have for today!
be back tomorrow for a real post, okay?
love you bye!

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  1. Well a husband and 1 kid is like having 2 kids...try that argument next time. Didn't work for me though. :/