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Friday, October 5, 2012


I fucking hate bananas 
which has nothing to do with this post
but as we are best friends, I thought you should know

another thing you should know:
giveaway is happening Mondayyyyy
here's a hint...
it includes a starbucks giftcard
...unless I use it first.
kidding, possibly...maybe.
yep. thank you for being bad ass readers! 
like giving shit away isn't bad enough,
now I am sucking up to you too....
if you are dissapointed in me, join the club,
I am disappointing in myself!
anyway, tell everyone you know?
great. thanks.

last night I was talking on the phone to my mother 
she goes, "I just wanted to let you know... I think I might finally follow your blog on the 8th"
me, "oh really?"
her, "yeah, I want to win your giveaway."
thanks mom.

does it surprise you to know, that on average, 
it takes 45 minutes to give you these beautiful posts?
I am usually working, while at the same time giving you my insight on nothing...
it is quite time consuming.
again... I hate myself and I apologize to you.
I have some shit planned this weekend.. I'll take pictures and do some real posts. 
don't even worry about it.

I am also working on a little bitty blog makeover this weekend!!
I am so happy about this.. since I can't really afford a blog design I do what I can,
with the services provided to me. shout out to Kalie for my new banner!
thanks bitch :)
oh. my. god. this reminds me of something crazy that happened the other night.
I was going to Kalie's blog to check her followers because I was getting pissed  #blogcompetition
I was on my piece of shit phone so I obvs made a typo in her url [because it is TOO. DAMN. LONG]
serious I typed two letters wrong, and do you know what came up all over the screen?!
vaginas. all. over. my. phone. 
at the same time somebody knocked on my front door, so I snapped the screen off quickly. 
of course, the next time I opened my browser they were still there!
oh technology. you win again...

have a blow your mind amazing weekend!!


  1. You deserve all those vagina spams because you hate bananas...ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN?!!!!

  2. Okay, I just straight up giggled through this whole post.
    Then again when I read Alicia's comment ^^^.
    Also, I hate bananas too! they're nasty!

  3. This post really made me laugh. I have a friends who is actually allergic to bananas. If she even kisses someone who has eaten a banana her throat swells up. I remember when she told me this I thought What no bananas? That's crazy. Bananas are everywhere and they are yummy! But I'll still read your blog even if you hate them because you are super funny =)

  4. love it! new reader here! check out my giveaway too!!! over at

    I can't wait to check yours out on Monday!