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Thursday, October 4, 2012

it's okay

it's okay

  • to be annoyed when people try to ruin our happy blogging place and twitter with their person feelings on politics, babies, gays, anything else "important" or "life altering"
for clarification purposes: what I was annoyed by when I wrote this post was people's abundance of negativity. blogging or excessively tweeting your distaste for any individual, whether he/she is currently running our country or if he/she will be running our country in the future, or anybody else, is not positive nor is it constructive. I just don't think any of us need the negativity in our lives. so, as this is an "IT'S OK" post, I am saying that IT IS OKAY for me to be bothered with it. 
  • to not always feel like being supportive
  • to know when enough is enough
  • to take 15 vitamins because you think it makes you feel healthy!
  • to wear headphones at all times
  • to make "secret" vlog videos... oops
  • to swear a lot, when there are no children around of course
  • to be fucking awesome

  • to be hosting a giveaway on Monday! its going to be good so be here okay!?


  1. God forbid we blog about anything other than sparkles and gumdrops :)

  2. You peed out most of those vitamins...just saying. The toilet bowl is getting super healthy though.

  3. Love How I Met Your Mother. Barney is amazing.