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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

errrrbody is doin' it


september goals people - that's what we are talking about

we all have so many "plans" in life
but few of us actually turn these plans into goals,
and fewer make these goals actually happen.

I noticed that Neely and Taylor both created September goals,
for you all to see/read, and probably hold them accountable to.
which I did do, myself, shortly before September began.
but since I am such a follower, I wanted to blog them!
after all, this is my blog and you should totally care about my goals!

one - get healthy/lose a minimum of 4lbs this month
work out a lot - eat cleaner - take vitamins everyday
I had scheduled one rest day per week this month.
I even made a calendar,
and I hung it in my cube at work and on my fridge at home.
my schedule got slightly derailed last week,
from spending all that time at the hospital with Aaron.
but I am back on track!
I am ready to kick this month in the face.

no drinking for the rest of the month! 

two - work on my portfolio for a minimum of two hours every week
that amount of time is so minimal
but I think I could really make some progress this way.
no excuses. it just has to happen.

three - focus more on my blog and photography
I really enjoy both of these things
and they both go hand in hand to make one another better.
I need to quit watching so much dang t.v.
and focus on more productive hobbies.

four - stop spending and start saving
I plan to stop going out to eat,
(minus the anniversary dinner we have reservations for of course)
stop buying clothes,
(probably minus a pair of boots if I find some that I have to have)
...omg I have a problem.

five - read for 30-45 minutes before bed every night
for enjoyment!
I copied this one from Neely because I think it is a great idea.
it's important to unwind before getting to sleep
and it is also important to stop watching t.v.

I guess I should probably cancel my cable..
but there is no way that I am making that a goal!
haha peace!


  1. You can't just up and cancel your's like trying to quit smoking cold turkey, not a good idea. But everything else sounds doable and like great ideas!! :)

  2. AHHH I already did it. I felt like now could be the right time in life to give it up until I get my shiz together. I emailed Aaron and told him to make it happen. No more cable?? Thank Jesus for the internet.. although, I'm not so sure he was responsible!