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Monday, September 24, 2012

it's fall!!

did you enjoy your weekend?

I had a very nice time!

Friday, Aaron and I babysat for my dad and step mom.
it was a good time.
the kids were very well behaved,
and super cute as always

Saturday was a really busy day.
first thing in the morning Breanna and I hit up Starbucks and then shopped!
we went to Target, Kohls, JCPenney, & American Eagle.
it was excessive. it was also a total shit show.
driving all over the place trying to find boots. 
I'm quite sure that boots are the hardest thing to buy.

I don't know if you guys know about this,
but JCPenney is pretty damn ghetto
[I will typically buy work pants from there because they are super cheap - JUSTIFICATION]
while in the check out line I witnessed a woman wearing the ugliest shoes.
I obviously did the only thing a person in this situation could do...
I sent Breanna [I was waiting in line after all!] to follow this lady around until she got an acceptable picture.
the end result was this:

3-inch, wooden platform sandals 
the largest effing flowers
and a crochet top.

Bre also got her eyebrows waxed by some scary Asian lady in pajamas
I made her climb a giant hill to the food court because I was too lazy to drive her there.
realistically who was too lazy?
she had me drive her too the food court from a different side of the mall.
yeah, I thought so.

I was out shopping for about three hours before heading home to have lunch with Aaron.
the two of us had lunch and then went clothes shopping for him.
shopping for this guy! what a hassle.
he is such a strange mixture of sizes and so picky.
another 3 hours of shopping.

thank God for a venti white mocha

Saturday, Aaron and I also went to a really nice dinner.
it was fun to get dressed up and go do something just the two of us.

um hello this food is delicious!!
the price wasn't even that bad.
pretty much equal in cost to Olive Garden.
which btw, I could not be happier about...
shit was delicious! way better than any recent restaurants I have been to.
I cannot wait to go again.

Sunday we had breakfast with my grandparents.
did some laundry, dishes, and homework
100% decided that we ARE going to NYC for New Years!!

also, spur of the moment decision last night
weekend trip to Chicago.
[Taylor I expect lunch!]
Aaron thinks, "the train won't be that bad"
he will see soon enough.
we are planning for November.
I am so excited about life!

uhhh I found this picture & thought I would let you all enjoy my embarrassment.


happy Monday everybody!!

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  1. Those are some crazy ugly shoes! Have fun in NYC! I've always wanted to visit New York. Maybe someday...
    I found your blog by way of Mish Lovin Life. =)
    Ashley ~ New Follower

  2. AHHH! New York City, not only for New Years but Central park in winter time!!!! Two things I'll be able to cross off my bucketlist. Assuming, Central Park with be as photogenic as I'm pictuing it to be for that time of year :)

  3. your pumpkin is so cute! :)

    happy monday!

    xo, sarah grace

  4. Lovely weekend! Nice pumkin drawing...I love a good long shopping trip...those shoes are ridiculously ugly and shouldn't allowed out in public on anyone's feet...Maggiano's is delicious and was always a favorite restaurant for my family to celebrate anything when we lived in Jersey...YAY FOR TRIPS!!!!!!...and WHOA, looking sexaaaaay! ;) I think that covered everything.