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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

totally tuesday!

none of the photos you are about to see are relevant to this post at all...
they are, however, entertaining, and they will offer you an opportunity to get to know me.
which is obviously why you are here in the first place!
they will also serve my narcissistic need for us all to look at me.

my little baby brother is so cute... 
ladies, I am sorry to tell you that Ryan is no longer on the market.
disappointing I know...
I mean.. all that hair, the beard(!!), the clear sense of style, 
I know you are all in a deep depression now.
it will pass. trust me.


but anywayyyyyy

yesterday was a complete shit show.
I had to get up at like 4:45
which is so not my usual routine.
typically I need to be up around 6 to get to work on time.
which means I get up at 6:45...
[I have an issue with dedication to a job I don't enjoy]
so yeah that was quite the shock to my system.
mind you, I brought this entire situation on myself.
Friday at work I did absolutely nothing work related.
100% not exaggerating.
so in order to cover my ass, I had to get here super early to crank out some work.
I don't know about the rest of you, 
but I work WAY better under pressure.
the issue was that by like 2pm, I was totally burnt out and finished for the day.
I guess it wasn't really an issue... because I am truly the most unproductive employee ever...
the amount of work I produced yesterday morning should cover me for a good 2-3 days.
should that really be possible? shouldn't I have real things to do?
gahhhh my job is sooo lame.

this post is totally A.D.D.
that's why it is "totally" tuesday!!

I was supposed to run and go to the gym yesterday... 
ask me if I did. I dare you!
I will tell you that I went to bed at 8pm last night.
it was magical.

I think I am going to get back on my fitnesspal..
you know you never really know how much you are eating until it is all added up, ya know?
I saw that Chelsea from Yours Truly is doing it and thought I should get back to it!
nothing better than a skinny summer reveal right!!

omg also I saw the Jessica Simpson commercial!!!
I refused to google it or anything like that because I don't want to be bashing a fellow chunker :)
my only issue with this commercial is that in the last bit while she is babbling on she seriously looks mentally challanged.
WHYYYYY didn't they do another take!? 
so sad...

one more last random thing!!

do any of you guys find yourselves in situations where you think you might be sexist against your own sex?
last night I discovered that I feel very uncomfortable with the idea of having a female attorney if I ever murder anyone...
which makes me feel terrible really,
 because I am all about trying not to talk badly about other women and to support one another,
all that, we need to empower other women b.s. :)
anywho (anyhoo? omg why didn't my beautiful mother teach me to spell!?)
let me know okay!


  1. Haha for a minute there i thought i was reading my own blogging (relating to the job.) Too many of us feel that way i guess. I am ok with women attorney's but my reasoning for it may be sexist? I think we are much better at being bitchy and conniving :) All plus's for lawyers...


  2. I have no idea what I just read. You cray cray! Anywaysss, Jessica Simpson should own up to her being a big mam and show us more than her head. I think that's the biggest complaint I have about her commerical is that she's a floating big head.