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Thursday, September 6, 2012

always.sometimes.never [my love is sick]

I am making time for my blog...
because I made time to come to work.
when really I should be at the hospital..
with my man, where I belong.
work is dumb guys...

you know how people are always like "oh things would be so much cleaner without you leaving your socks and underwear around on the floor!"?
then sometimes things will happen which make you appreciative that you have someone leaving their shit around.. kinda? you know what I mean.
I don't really want to clean up after Aaron.. but I never want him to go away. so just get better and come home soon okay!

I feel like we always try to believe that hospitals are the cleanest places around... I mean it's a damn hospital!
I also sometimes think that we should be the number one patients. Waiting 2 hours for some dude to read an x-ray is absolutely ridiculous.
I will never forget that it could be a lot worse. At least he has a hospital he can go to. A bed he can sleep in. And that slow dude to read his MRI and X-ray results!

I always get my nails done every two weeks and I try no to let anything (ANYTHING) come between me and that appointment.
However, sometimes there are things, like a boyfriend needing me, that will make me miss my appointment. Leaving me looking like that... and now it is even worse!!
I will never appreciate looking like a trashy crack whore in public.


  1. Oh gosh, I hope Aaron is ok and gets out super fast. Give the doctors some Redbull and tell them to help your man ASAP!!

  2. I'm so sorry about your BF. I hope he gets better soon! He's lucky to have you!

  3. I always like having my nails have some colour on them as well.
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