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Friday, September 28, 2012

Shit Show

this week has not been ideal for me.

Wednesday night we went to the bar.. for multiple reasons.
1. everyone from Aaron's office was have a get together.
2. to celebrate Aaron getting a raise!! money money money moneyyy-moneyyyyyyy
3. I had a shitty frickin' day. working with others is not always a pleasure.
long story short, I had to call my mommy for a ride home.
so embarrassing.
also, I cried like a hysterical psycho.
also, completely embarrassing.
should have known that bar on a Wednesday was a disaster waiting to happen!

all week I have been working extra hours because I had to go to the doctor yesterday morning.
so I finish at the doctor and am heading to work. LATE.
and wouldn't you know it, I got pulled over!!
this is the first speeding ticket ever in my life
[the impeding traffic violation doesn't count :)]
first one, and it is for 15 over!!
that is a big frickin' ticket guys...
and I'll probably have a hard time fighting it since I was actually going 27 over :/
listen, I was driving on a highway with a speed limit of 55, so just stop judging.

next topic before my head explodes.
my boss has a bad attitude which makes me cranky everyday,
and now as soon as I get in this morning I delete an important file on accident.

in an effort to meet your standards of blog posting
[positive posts only!!]
I have a special treat for you!
one of my favorite bloggers, Taylor, is here for you to enjoy.
she is pretty damn positive if I do say so myself.


So once upon a time I was like,

"Hey Amanda, can I write a guest post for you?"

And she was like, "I dunno, maybe." Nothing more, that's all I got.

Well after a lot of begging, and emailing, Amanda finally said I could grace her blog for a day.

So here I am.

My name is Taylor, and I blog at The Daily Tay.

This is a blog where I talk about my life as a professional scooter racer.

Okay, that's a lie.

I just used that photo because it's one of the few photos I have of just myself-

which I've started to learn is a big no-no in blog world.

#1 blog rule- Take lots of photos of yourself to post.

I'm just not good at this.

Instead I prefer to take photos of my dog, Harlow.

Like the creepy dog mom I am, I take hundreds of photos of Harlow all the time.

Isn't he so stylish? He's very metro, probably because we spend all of our waking hours together.

I work from home, so that means Harlow and I are literally together all. the. time.

My only break from him is when I get to sneak away to my improv classes at The Second City.

This is The Second City. AKA the Dream Factory.

Anyone who has ever been on Saturday Night Live started here.

It's always been my dream to write skits for SNL. As it turns out, that's a lot of people's dreams.

So the competition is tough...

But like I always say: when the going gets tough, the tough get going- to a bar.

Speaking of, it's almost 5:00, so I'm needed elsewhere real fast...

So I guess that kinda sums it up.

I blog about my dog, classes at the Second City, and going to bars.

Now if that doesn't entice you to run on over, well then I don't know what would.

One more thing- unlike Amanda, this is not my real hair.

This would be Jessica Simpson extensions circa 2007. Thank God I grew out of that stage.
Now come on over and meet me!

PS- I was kidding about Amanda not responding. She actually responds quite quickly. Very punctual, that one. She's going places.



this girl...
blog crush for sure!

Taylor also gave me the idea to do a "almost" 100 follower giveaway.
70 followers makes that legit right??
what do you guys want to see?
I was think nail polish, gift card, you know the good shit :)
let me know!!


  1. Sorry you had a bad day... the first tme I ever even got pulled over I got a huge ticket. Luckily, my fiance's uncle is a state trooper. haha!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Been there, done that, with 2 of those speeding tickets in 1 flippin' month!! I know, I was such a badass back in the day. Now I'm afraid at every corner there's a cop waiting to pull me over for anything. UGH. I hope you have a waaay better weekend, and have Aaron drive you around. ;) And yea, I'm all for the good shit girrrrrl!

  3. Essie nail polish is where its at ;) your blog is fantastic. I have started to follow Taylor, too!