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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a "problem" with anger

typically I have a good idea of what I am going to write about the night before.
however, last night [and let's be honest, even right now] I had no idea what I was going to say.
I'm actually having a hard time making up my mind about anything today...
so far this morning
I have been flipping through Backstreet Boy Radio, Spice Girls Radio, Miley Cyrus Radio, and Taylor Swift Radio on Pandora.
clearly I enjoy working in a time warp.
oh good, this rambling reminded me of what I wanted to talk about. - My therapist said I have multiple personalities and rage issues. So we hit him.
I think I have a rage problem.. you know, like when you are driving along, then somebody does something and you are instantly pissed? 
yep. I have that. pretty normal, except that I have it at work too.
if anyone from a particular group of people starts talking [about pretty much anything] I become simultaneously enraged
of course I am probably exaggerating but this issue is definitely a bigger problem then it should be!

I used to have this problem with facebook...
people are so stupid! 
they either take things way to seriously, leaving comments that dumb,
post way too many inspirational messages when you know they hate their lives on the inside,
or are just really really dumb re-posting those spam statuses that are completely inaccurate.
so in order to save myself from having a heart attack, or murdering someone I deleted it.
I got off of facebook over a year ago and haven't looked back.

in order to solve my work rage issue I have devised a cleaver plan.
I have been wearing earbuds throughout the entire work day.
I avoid interacting and cannot hear anything they are saying.
Problem Solved! - Between our love, your skills, and my rage issues, we can survive any zombie epidemic.


  1. And you just rely on your friends to update you on the FB world! :) Positive posts only though.

  2. Pshh Facebook is such a waste of time, blogging is way cooler anyways! But I did the same thing last year with my husband, and it's amazing how much you stop caring about petty people and their "problems" just by deactivating your Facebook.