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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

birchbox b -itch

so here is the thing...
I am trying not to swear.
but sometimes for the purpose of good humor it is completely necessary..
oh life dilemmas!

also real quick before I jump into birchbox(!!)
Mish (Michelle) just revealed some big fat awesome news.
however, last time I had a notion like this introduced into my mind, 
I quit my job...
lord knows what I'll do this time.
go check it out. she is quite the little inspiration.
and so darn cute! and that boyfriend of hers... well, you will thank me :)

okay so!
I got my September birchbox,
I liked it!!
which was quite the surprise to me, because last month I was totally unimpressed.
[which for some reason reminds me, is anyone watching project runway?]
so here is what happened via image,
yeah that's right I just decided to use my camera again 
[and I set up a little back drop with manila folders in my cube, don't hate

you really have to give it to their marketing people
that is a damn fine package.
extremely sturdy, it can definitely be used for things in the future
[hoarder much?]

I was quite excited to see the Benefit stuff [do you love everything by them? I totally do!]
because last year I almost bought the same products.
I have very sensitive skin, and products like this are fairly expensive so I really have a hard time trying new things.
it is nice that I get to try the sample now first.

and hello, make up remover? nail polish? hair tie? beauty balm?
how can any of this be wrong for anyone. so on point birchbox.
of course the blue is a little out there, I would say perfect for toes though... 
I love a crazy toe [please no green or yellow though, that totally freaks me out!]
I am so excited to try the BB cream. 
it is such a trend right now and there is no way I was paying for it.
you guys couldn't tell I was such a cheap ass before now could you?
I have to afford my starbucks somehow!


  1. Nice box! I, on the other hand, would like to say "EFF YOU BIRCH B*ITCH" to that dumb company, because I STILL didn't get off their waiting list. So screw 'em...I'm sticking to my Glam Bag and living through you and your samples.

  2. haha hilarious post! Birchbox and most other beauty subscription sites give you one good box to hold you over a few crappy ones. You don't want to unsubscribe because you never know when the good box is coming and don't want to miss out (or at least I don't). So even though I've complained the last several boxes, I've still been a member over a year. It's very twisted, I know.