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Friday, September 21, 2012

irresponsible friday

(you guys get it right? because she's a dog "one leg" to her is two legs!" bahahaha I am hilarious)

Kalie and Aaron are my favorite people [well... you know what I mean] on this planet.
...this photo reminds me that I must take Kalie to get her nails done tomorrow.
I am a terrible parent.

well, it is Friday again and I couldn't be happier.
work has sucked another week of happiness out of me and I am ready for a break.
alright, in an effort to support positivity I will admit that this week has actually been an improvement.
last week, my boss and I had a talk.
I was pretty upfront about how I felt I was being treated and all that shiz.
she seemed very responsive at the time, and this week turned out to be a pleasant one.
in terms of fellow coworkers, that is.
the job is still incredibly boring, and I feel like its a waste.
I let her know that I need/want to start working part-time in January.
my plan is to graduate as soon as possible and move on with things.

SO remember I said last time I got crazy ideas from somebody like Michelle?

I don't really know if I should put this out there yet.. 
I might just be feeling "super get out there and do it!" today...
but then again maybe you guys can hold me accountable..

okay sorry that was a total ramble.
back on track!!

Michelle has given me the idea to do more crazy things with myself then I typically would.
I am a planner, an over cautious worrier. there are tons of things I've always thought about doing but never have.
this year I started breaking that habit a little.
we randomly went to Grand Rapids. we did a color run in Chicago. 
we made a lot of non-planned trips up north. we just had a fun travel year. 
we even splurged and bought a AR-15 and new couches [strange combo right?].
but now I feel like we are slowing down and I am back into my boring careful slump.

last week I decided that Aaron and I should go to NYC for new years this year.
I have always felt like it is something that we should do at least once just to experience the hype.
and since I am getting to old to stay up past 10pm, now is probably the best time to do it.

I also just decided today that I should probably finally go sky diving with Aaron.
I am terrified.. but he has wanted to do it for so long!
we have no kids and now is as good a time to die as any :)

any thoughts?


  1. My girl friends and I are skydiving this year for one of their 25th birthdays. I'm absolutely terrified and pretty sure I'm going to cry on my way down. I also want to go to NYC for new years one year. I feel like it's something you have to do just once. I can't imagine how expensive it is but if you get the chance to go I think you definitely should.

  2. Jennifer, I wrote up an entire comment and then realized your email was blocked!! :)

    --so I know this sounds crazy, but whenever we go (4 times if we go this time) we stay at the YMCA next to Central Park lol trust me it is not glamorous and having a dorm style shared bathroom leaves something to be desired but the savings is 100% worth it. also we haven't experienced any bed bugs (thank you jesus! and raid :P) so I highly recommend it to anyone. experiencing NYC is not about the hotel ya know? you rarely spend time there anyway!

  3. Experience what you can while you're young and able to! Especiallyyyyyyyy my home during the holidays...nothing beats New York at Christmas or New Years! :D