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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

why can't I ever think of a title...

did everybody have an amazing long weekend!?
I guess I must have because I totally meant to blog...
forgive me?
I actually didn't do THAT much..
which was the best part of it all!

we went to my dad's house for family dinner. it wasn't all that eventful.
we did color though, and that pictured above is my master piece...
it's pretty much my finest work ever.
I also made a delicious pasta for myself (because Aaron is ridiculously picky).
it had pasta (obviously), asparagus, tomatoes, crushed garlic, olive oil, and fresh pecorino cheese.
so dang tasty.

we ended up going to Arts, Beats, and Eats as mentioned before.
it was not that fun.
for some reason I was under the impression that the food would be more reasonably priced,
ya know, to give people the opportunity to sample things and find new restaurants and place to go.
well it wasn't. so it was hot, crazy crowded, and expensive.
nothing that I enjoy.
so we went to a bar instead and Aaron took horrible photos of Breanna and I.
not a total waste. the terrible photos got me off my ass on Sunday!

I have no photos from this day.
Aaron and I rode our bikes to the gym, ran, and did some HIIT.
it was the most intense workout I have had in quite awhile.
I loved it! it was so much better doing it together.
we also went for a brief walk/run on a trial in the woods with Breanna and the dog.
the bugs were SO bad. I was not interested in staying long.
but overall it was a really healthy day and I enjoyed it!
I only burned like 700 calories but it felt good to be back on track.

Aaron and I had some drinks,
we made bruchetta, which was freaking AMAZING btw,
we grilled,
and we played video games.
it was a great day!

but now it is back to work for me!
have a great Tuesday everybody!


  1. I totally do the "how can I pose to look skinny?" I usually give up to and pray my sister has mad airbrushing skills.

  2. Lovely weekend! I think working out together is always more fun, you get to make fun of each other's "this-is-too-heavy-faces" or if someone farts...always a crowd pleaser in my relationship. :P

  3. BAM! You've been nominated by yours truly for The Versatile Blogger Award! :)

    Go here for more info!

    Happy Blogging! : )